‘Rona down time…

So I have been absent for about a month or so, well at least writing a post at least. I have been active on my social media channels. That’s not to say I have just disappered for a while. I’m not like everyone else.

The reason I have been absent from doing any posting, because I am still an old school writer. I still write in notebooks of various things. I do some online, but with my current laptop in the way its configured for typing, is rather frustrating. I make do for now.

This post is more about what my thoughts are at given the current and past events that has happened. I am going to probably ramble a bit, but this might be a long post. Sorry. I have a few recipes to share and some tips that I will be working on and uploading to my LBRY channel. Videos will come soon. I have this itch to make some pretzels, just in time for Oktoberfest! So this will get you plenty of time to practice!

Let’s Begin…

I have been doing a lot of thinking and just watching whatever news that was current. I got sucked into it. I figured that I had enough. Which got me to thinking about what this whole blog is about. I had started to look at a few recipes that I had saved. Remembered a few others. Yet getting the ingredients were not easily available. I find it fascinating the hoarding mentality during periods of large scale uncertainty. This time around it was toilet paper, flour, and meat. I wonder what the trend was during the Spanish Flu?

During the whole time, my main job was closed. I was a little worried about work and what is going to happen.  Now fast forward a few months later.

Things turn weird….

Once we had cleaned the place down,  repainted and fixed things,  we opened back up with a limited menu.  At first business was good.  Busy despite having a limited menu.  Then delivery started. Which helped. 

The main point is that once lockdown started it made it hard for small businesses to stay afloat.  Not to mention the way the government has been handling the virus itself.  It hurts your head and heart. 

In short parting…

I am rethinking about how to best go about my life in this country. The stigma is already there, some of leaders have just made it worse. Depending on what side you’re on. Then again it may be just within the country and not thinking outside the box!

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