Where do I start? At the beginning of the week I was going over a few things and trying to see how I can downsize further.  I have been changing my investments as well as my physical things.  Plus dealing with a windows10 update issue so my laptop was out. 

So fast forward to Thursday.  I was finishing up a visit to my mom’s.  I get home and find an eviction notice on my door.  my first reaction was “oh shit”, then I reread it and even though it was dated for the day before.  It started my mind to work. Not to mention thinking it was a bit shady to give it out a day late.  Kind of makes you have less time.  Then a few days prior a group came out and did an inspection. Which at first was no big deal. Until they were only going into a few apartments. 

Then hearing chatter about the complex being up for sale.  It then occurred to me that once they came out,  the next week.  Notices were going out.  Also telling tenets about their porches being cluttered and such.  Usually when a complex does this it means new management.  Which I was in the process of leaving.  Just not this soon. 

Plan in motion…

So now with this information in hand I have started a plan to move out.  I just need to pay a fine and grab a truck.  I will now have to go through my storage unit. Still trying to get rid of a few things.  May need to do a thrift store donation!

My main focus is to get my license back and eventually either get a car or at least a more stable place to stay. So far with this relief effort not going well, it’s getting hard to find anything. I will keep looking, with the unfortunate possibility of staying at my moms for a while. I am trying to find a place for a few more months and then I may go and visit a country for a few months and come back to work in the states and do it again.

Playing it by letter…

So now it seems that I am going to have to play it by letter from the landlord, and since either side doesn’t want to extend the Cares Act anytime soon, I will have to just eat it and leave. I wanted to at least finish the lease term, but now I think I rather deal with a non commercial apartment company. Living in Tucson, Arizona isn’t for the faint of heart if you are only working at a restaurant or other less than 60k a year job. I am not trying to stay here. I am thinking of leaving and traveling. With the current travel situation I am trying to meet up with my girlfriend and we can do some traveling. We shall see what countries open up the next few weeks. Stay safe everyone.

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