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Food and Monsoons…

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Yeah, monsoon rains are finally here. Nothing brings alive the Old Pueblo like a good soaking. To go out and smell all the creosote bushes, to hear the birds singing in the trees. Not to mention that even though things are rough right now. You still can smell a street food vendor starting the grill. In the morning it’s a sweet smell that tells you that food is going to be worth waiting for lunch.

Even though lockdowns are back in place. I still am finding time to keep away and get as much as I can be delivered. I have been wanting to go deeper into herbs and spices. I figured, what the hell. I got time. I have been also been thinking also to add a video or two on my LBRY page. It’s the new YouTube without the ads and a better way to make money on your views.

Enough of that. I wanted to let everyone know that I am excited that the monsoons rains are finally showing up. Unless you have a swamp cooler. Then you are screwed till October. I am hoping that it is a better monsoon season than the last few. It’s been a few dry seasons. Now more than ever, when it does rain a bit for a season, or at least for a week. You could go out and visit all the vendors, stores and shops. The many different aromas, sounds, and sights. It leaves your mind to reminisce.

It begins with food…again…

The allure of a recent rain-soaked street walking to a place where you know the food is going to be good. The smell overtakes the recent rain smell. You hear the clings going of someone getting their meal.

You can be sure that whatever place you visit, you know it was worth the risk of rain. To feel it, the mood it sets. You can’t help but look. To take in the smells and sounds. It can be a bit overwhelming. Just think about how you noticed the place while walking along some street in a town. With no destination. Just experience something or a place you haven’t been to. Not to say you been there. To feel and live, if only for a moment, somewhere and eat through a memory.

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