New focus…

What can be said about the last few weeks? I have a few thoughts but refrain from saying them.  Because I would rather hear from the other side with their thoughts.  Which seems to be lacking.  Hence the protests.  It’s long overdue.

This is not why I am writing this post.  I’ll leave that for those who rather debate through electronic means.  I rather talk about food!

The one thing that is constant throughout this whole ordeal.  I’ve been seeing a lot of nice dishes.  Some have shown their country in a proud way.  It’s a chance to set aside differences and communicate with family and friends. 

Share a plate…

I have believed that if you share a plate with someone you learn more about them. Hell, you might get a memory and a new friend in the process! This is what I have been trying to dream of. Ever since I got introduced to Bourdain. It inspired me to think about food, people, and the bond that is created by that. Some of the early CNN pieces were great. So were the articles I read in F&W and other restaurant mags. I ate it all up.

I remember the countless times I could’ve have set up an EatWith dinner. I was still learning about how social media and food mixed together. It one day just dawned on me that by sharing a plate of food, you get a glimpse of life outside of what you know and see how it all similar it becomes. Food is one of those things that regardless of how you may feel. You got to eat. It is a time to share ideas and discuss and settle things. A meeting if you will. Family and friends.

Which brought me to the new focus. It has been something I have been working on until the COVID hit. I was at the point of it all coming together. Honestly, it didn’t hit me right at once. I had some backup. Regardless, I continued my focus. I had made some background changes and also kept up with those I follow on IG and Twitter. I believe that I have posted more there than on here. Which is in another post coming up. Look for it coming soon.


Now more than ever, I miss a lot of my younger days. It was in April, I started to think about the summer coming and the first harvest coming into the local diner spots. What I was craving is a good southern soul food place. Why? Because it felt like a tradition working around the Atlanta area, I’ve done it other places I lived. Like North Carolina, South Georgia. I miss that flavor and aroma of a place I used to visit in Riverdale, GA. It was not uncommon to see a few of our vans parked outside. The place was great. The food had love in it. You can tell.

A few years later in another southern…western town. Did I find something similar in Tucson. Now mind you, I have already been here before, but in a different mindset. I found a soul food place similar to the one in Georgia. The only difference is that it was the southwest. Mind you, I am a southerner that loves hot sauce!

This is what brought my focus back into being. What I wanted to share with anyone in my blog. I have mentioned it a few times, that for me it’s not about travel so much. It’s about having that plate with someone you may have just met at the market, or a fellow traveler you know through social media. How cool would that be, have someone you follow, or follows you to dinner? I think that is what is slowly becoming a part of this world that we live on. The bigger picture is that many things are coming to light, that once was in the shadows. Meaning that people are visiting more places around the world. Showing the markets, the villages, the food, everything.

Think about that. How many times have you been on Instagram to see that there are other travelers show up on your feed and showing something about food, or the sights? It’s because we are searching for those things while on lockdown. We miss being able to come together for food. This is the main constant, throughout all of this crazy mess! We all have that Uncle or Aunt that makes a great salad or a good cut of meat for grilling, etc.

Do you not see how this all ties in? Family. No matter who they are, what language they speak, or what color they may be. It’s a family where food matters and shows who you are. This is why I love to talk to those family members about food. I don’t need to know the language. Food talks!

Going forward…

So the main thing to get out of all of this, is that food brings us all together. I have found a new focus and restart with the same goal in mind. Honestly, I was craving something and then it got a bit heated. I can’t understand why this hasn’t happened sooner. I am sorry. I know food will help bring us together.

This is why, I have since my dumber, drunken days that still stands. If you know me, I have always said, contact me anytime. I’m there for you. I mean that if I am somewhere in this world and you’re in the area. Tell me, lets cook dinner and share stories and such.

Even once something adds to your life.
It's up to you to let it.
Enjoy life, not fight it.
Share what it means to live.

This is what I think of. I haven’t been to a lot of places, yet. Hell, I’m still working at an awesome Chigaco Style Pizza place. Even been on a Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives episode with a few other local Tucson places. I try to support whenever I can. Check out my latest posts about Rocco’s, and a few homemade dishes I share on IG. Twitter, it’s more of the blogging stuff.

Sorry, rambling. Been drinking some Golden Monkey, from Victory Brewing. Have it on tap at Rocco’s, and bought 2 32oz growlers. It’s the 4th weekend. Seriously, support your local restaurants, you don’t know how much those servers, cooks, managers, and owners need your help. Remain focused, and share with me what you have got cooking. Would love to see some creative dishes.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry…

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