Crazy times…

I have come to the conclusion that people here in the US are a bit crazy these days. With keeping plenty of stereotypes in place and just plain getting fed up with what is going on. I get it. Nobody likes to be cooped up in their house for a long time.

Yet, with this pandemic going on, the whole world is seeing what the US is really about. The current top clown, can’t string a few sentences together in any coherent fashion or playing the blame game. We have been basically been taught many generations to work all day from 8 to 5 like in school. We complain about not having enough vacation time, yet this shows we can’t handle even 4 weeks of time off. We are slaves to a paycheck.

For me, I am not such a slave. I live below my means as much as I can. Save and invest when I can. Yet I am not alone in such endeavors. I have actually improved my credit score, made a few more investments and such. What I am really finding out is all the sheeple love to follow a bully and narcissist. To the point that they think by defying orders, carrying large symbols of stupidity and such stating that their rights are being violated. Which makes me wonder, apparently they care only about themselves and not others. They are the ones the true slaves to a paycheck with all their toys and large houses that make themselves feel better? But are they truly happy? Not if you have a conspiracy theorist talking about eating his neighbors, but yet he is a fat white guy with serious anger issues.

Hey it’s AssFace!

So what to do?

It’s funny how many things have changed since January and yet our orange clown has no basic understanding of what needs to be done. A leader leads not blames others for their issues and narrow mindedness. Taking every opportunity to put themselves into a better light and failing is not good business. A legacy that is slowly becoming a black stain on himself and the country as a whole.

Do you think by having someone with some sort of intelligence things would get better? Nope. Not at all. I love reading all the crap that spews out from his cult followers. I love comedy and even inciting them on now and then. When you have someone to reply back with such anger, and can’t even talk in a normal tone, you know that they have no reasoning capabilities. It’s funny to see it.

My conclusion is I simply turn it off. I have seen friends that all they care about are their rights when they forget to see that their rights have been slowly taken away for a while now, we just call them laws and those that uphold them lawyers and the one-sided court system.

My plans after all this…

Hey, I had a lot of plans before all of this. I was on pace to repay my past transgressions and support. I had also been trying to get my girlfriend here, but once the lockdown took hold, that too was put on hold. Not to mention that the top clown added more troops and reservists to guard the border and keep building his wall. which I was planning on going to visit, but that has been put on hold for now. We talk constantly, we both agree that this is not such a big deal, but do want to keep our distance.

I have already put into motion what needs to be done in order to be a better citizen of this world. Although being an American, I will get a lot of heat for what my top clown has been falsely stating as fact, even though others have tried to dispel such stupid claims. Yet, I am looking for a better life, and going to do what I think is best in order to achieve that.

I have been learning how to cook different things, learning new skills, and even refreshing some of the languages that I have been trying to teach myself. I am even planning on moving my business outside of the US for a way to lessen my tax burden. Does that make me an enemy of my own country? Not if the big companies are doing it, yet these fanatics say its perfectly fine. Doesn’t make sense now does it?

Just roll with it…

So now after talking to my girlfriend these past few weeks, she has been working a lot and so far have little time to speak with me, yet we both have been trying to be patient with each other and wanting to be together and explore a little bit of my home country and then go do a bit of traveling.

I have not stopped in my quest in completing this and have been learning plenty about traveling to other countries, how visas work, and living abroad. I have a few places in mind in completing this task. I even started to buy currency in that country, which may make me like a traitor, but I haven’t betrayed my country. I have been following the rules and playing their game. Even to the point of putting myself into a better position with less pay even! I love a challenge. It’s a challenge just to keep from going off on some of my family and friends that have become such a nut job.

I will not let that stop me. I see a bigger view and don’t want to be the one that keeps stereotypes alive. I am trying to ensure that my kids will have something to be proud of when they think of their father. I have always stated that in order to be a friend, you have to be one yourself. I may not always show it as I should. Yet, I am not afraid to admit fault or tell someone that they are doing a good job. You have to look at the bigger picture and so far things will get better. It just might have changed a bit and once it comes down to it, I will adapt and be stronger because I kept a level head and not think irrationally.

If not now, when?
What are you waiting for?

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