Rant or Observation???

Wow, where do I actually begin? Honestly am a bit confused, and angry. I have lately been seeing that a lot of my family and friends that I once spoke many things with, including politics and religion without any biased thinking. What a difference a viral pandemic makes.

The cult following is mind-blowing. I am glad that I try to remain neutral, and find that it is hard to do. Many are following someone that is known for their views on race and immigration. Yet fail to fully understand the real issue in better detail. Just going by what they hear. Some things are best experienced first hand, rather by a speech. Being close-minded isn’t helping.

How’s it working out for you…

Ok, so I may be a bit biassed in the fact that I enjoy working just as much as everyone else. What I will not tolerate is racial hatred on people trying to look for a better life than what they are already living in. Although I still can’t understand why anyone would want to come here. The taxes, police, representation, and laws are in place to hinder anything close to the American dream.

I honestly wonder what these followers would think if they had to actually pay a lot more for American workers to pick their food, clean their hotels, places of business. I don’t think so. Last time I mention this to anyone on social media, I was called a racist, and un-American. Yet, they never answered my question if they would work those jobs. They rather sit at home and collect unemployment or bitch about the other political party with their gun in their hand.

I much rather be working, than be a leech on a system full of corruption, and sponges. I was on the government system for a while, and from day one on the system, I used all available resources to get off it. Knowing that I will be taxed heavily, and will lessen any tax refund at the end of the year.

Which again, I asked my question without avail of the true answer. It’s funny that by asking a simple question in a normal tone, you get a lot of angrily voiced statements that don’t even relate to the question at hand. How hard is it to just answer a question? I don’t care if it’s right or wrong. I want an answer not a viewpoint about the question itself.

Seriously you can’t make this up…

Listen, this gets better. There has been plenty of trolls, fanatics, and just uninformed people out there. All across social media, people are shouting, angrily protesting their viewpoints against others. So if you’re not liking the current situation and you say anything against that, you are almost faced with scheduled violence once the lockdown is over. Unless they are the ones that rather go out and claim the virus is a hoax against their civil liberties and rights.

Honestly, let them go out and get sick. Let them test fate and karma like that. I know better. I still need to work, but will also take steps to keep myself safe. I have seen how such things can escalate quickly when dealing with viruses. I have kids, older adults in my family. Most rather stand on the soapbox and bitch about how things are in the US, but when it comes time to actually do what they preach, well…I’m still waiting.

I think the biggest thing I have seen on twitter a few times, is that there are those who actually tried to drink water down solution of 3:1 water to bleach solution and was admitted to an emergency room. Yet many supporters stated that it was not what he said. Yet never was there an immediate response to state that the statement was not in the right context or that it needed to be clarified.

I also forgot that our top clown enticed protesters to keep protesting, despite any social distancing and lockdown measures were ignored. Think about that for a minute. Why would someone at the highest level of leadership, tell his constituents to keep protesting to end a lockdown, but then turnaround and say that we need to keep a safe distance? I’m a bit confused. I get coming from a business background, may be good. That still does not make your good at it or even a better leader. One thing I have learned about starting a business, besides this blog. Is to surround yourself around those better than you in certain areas. Which what we have here, except those that are advising said leader, have failed in many aspects of business or their chosen fields. Failure isn’t the real issue. It’s what you learn from those failures and not continue making them.

In short…

After all of this is over, I am going to be making some changes to my living situation, who I socialize with and unfortunately will be ending some friendships that don’t see the whole picture. It’s becoming more of a me only type country rather than one that is willing to have an open mind, broader view. Many have viewed us as a country that only cares about a shallow influencer, or someone made famous for just looking good on tv.

I have opened much more since starting this blog and speaking with other travel bloggers and bloggers in general around the world. I have started to think more about others and how the perception is viewed of my home country. Honestly, I am ashamed to call this my country. Even though there are plenty of us trying to rail against such machinations of a cult following statuses. It just seems strange that most rather work and risk getting sick and keeping the spread going. It just goes to show where the United States is thinking and how their true loyalties lie. Since most don’t know how to plan ahead. Just simply want their toys and be left alone, without any concern for anyone at all.

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