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Idiot clown speaks…

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I’m finding that being in isolation isn’t all that bad. It’s watching the news that’s getting to me. I usually don’t watch the press briefings, because frankly, the guy can’t give a speech. Much less give factual information.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that we as Americans are going down a path that we are never really going to come back from like before. We all know this. Some of us have moved on from this. Yet, we still get some crappy info about something that isn’t right or not true. Just a bunch of fake news.

So what now???

So, I’ve been looking at possibly leaving the US in order to live a better life. While I love my home state and other places I’ve been to. It’s just I am tired of the lies, corruption and plain bullshit. It was never this bad twenty years ago. Not like it is today. It seems the blame game, the piling up of bullshit, and the rampant corruption has gotten out of hand. It’s literally ridiculous right now with this clown.

One of the biggest issues I have is the hurry to reopen no matter what. While I’m going crazy sitting at home. I can say that I am not looking forward to retirement. It seems that in order for those in power to get some of their money back, the economy needs to be running again. It’s all about the money. Even the president wants it to be running again, but he has a large stake in making money as well. This is a perfect example of how there is no separation. Why else would any dignitaries stay in his hotels? Because they would pay while staying in his hotel and spend money. This isn’t new information. Most have not bothered to pay attention to it.

It’s not going away…

Even though I have thought about leaving the country and being like many other ex-pats from other countries. I will stay at least until my lease is up. Besides I want to see how this shit show ends up. I love watching train wrecks. I live in Tucson, I see them all the time at the bus stops and convenience stores!

The main thing is that many have started to post a bunch of conspiracy theories and other nonsense. It’s crazy. No one wants to actually accept responsibility for their actions. It’s okay to be upset, but damn. There has been a lot of finger-pointing lately. It’s been at least two months and still were number one in many ways. Honestly, I expected better these days. I guess that Twitter isn’t good enough these days.

Let’s see what happens…

Once this finally comes to a slow end, there will be plenty of backlash for all the stimulus checks, and those wanting to get back to work. I believe that many will now start saving more. Demanding more from our government officials and state governments. Only time will tell to see what will happen. Stay tuned, I’ll provide the commentary!

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