Focusing on resolutions…

You ever get that feeling of restlessness, especially when things are out of your control. Sort of like the current state of affairs. For me wanting to go out and do something, even work at this point. You start to feel numb a bit. I don’t mean like you hate the world type of stuff. I’m talking about when you just feel isolated and a bit out of it. I have come to the conclusion its that human connection.

Human Connection, this is what is affecting everyone. We all have been pent up like school kids on the last day of school! We want to get the eff out! I know I do. I miss seeing everyone at work. It gets to you after a week or so not working.

Finding new ideas…

I have been finding new ideas lately around the kitchen and even at home. Since I love to cook, the hunt still continues for the elusive bag of flour! I’ve haven’t seen any elsewhere, but really haven’t been looking.

I have been seeing some good things, but lack a vehicle in order to go to some of these pickups. I really would love to get some produce one time. Which I am working on getting a canner so I can start using my jars. So some of these good things quit passing me by. I am working towards both goals even during this pandemic!

Some of the other ideas I have been doing other than writing a post here and there. Is also working on my other side hustle. One that I am hoping to take off since one part is picking up due to the crisis shortages. I can see how this can be implemented in more hospitals. Sometimes a crisis can reveal the real direction you may need to go. Interesting thought.

Which all of this has brought me back to some of my other posts. Plus the act of finding new things to do in my home during the social distancing phase. I am learning how to use many things not previously thought of. I kind of like this idea. Although not working and getting that type of exercise isn’t helping much at the moment.

If you need more reading material…

So if your interested, here is a few links to my past posts related to this one. It will only be a few, still working on more posts.

Food and Friends This post deals mostly with the blog and how sharing food with family and friends is the human connection we are missing.

Dinner with Friends A similar post, but more emphasis on the food itself, but having your invited guest help out with part of the meal.


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