Biscuits & Gravy…

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So let’s start off by saying that, what better way to have something stick to your ribs like biscuits and gravy. With the addition of sausage or bacon really kicks up the flavor.

The main basis of the gravy is the flavor of whatever meat your cooking, a little flour or corn starch and milk or cheese if the recipe calls for it.

Let’s get to the gravy…

This post is mainly about breakfast gravy. A majority of people have issues when making breakfast gravy. Trust me, I have had the same thing happen to me many times. I’ve even messed up the store-bought brand a few times too!

This time I had some sausage and wanted to make some sausage gravy. This is something I have always had trouble with. Not this time! So I looked up a recipe online, which is listed in a little mini web page below. Once I read the recipe and figured out how to make it I was determined.

The biggest part is once the sausage or bacon is cooked to get the proper amount of flour in there to mix with the flavorful oil in the pan. Once the proper mix is achieved, then you can add the milk. This part of the process is crucial not to add it all at once. Another tip, use only milk. Using heavy cream or evaporated will give it a sweet flavor. Not something you want with any meat type of gravy.

The mini web page…

Breakfast and Gravy Roll

This shows the finished creation and the 2 websites where I got the idea for this. Enjoy and looking forward to seeing your creations on IG or elsewhere!

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