Isolation is trying…

Well hello, my friends. I know some of you are around out there. Trying to keep busy and away from all the misinformation that is spewing around on tv.

I am glad that I have various apps to watch free movies. It has been a lifesaver. Every time I hear breaking news, I turn it off and go about my day. Social media can be tricky. I mean I try to stay in touch with my online friends. Some of the things being tossed around there are way too funny. I hope someone is keeping tabs on such things.

It gets better, believe that


So with all the isolation that is going on around the world. I have been trying to keep my spirits up, by reading all the crazy posts on social media about hoarding, what everyone is doing, either live or through stories.

It’s actually nice to show how disconnected we really were before all of this. Now we are using this disconnection to reconnect with many friends and family. Even meeting new people. It’s crazy to think that through all of this we have learned to actually be more together than before.

It’s still isolation…

As the title says, most states are in full lockdown mode. Meaning that you can’t leave unless going to the store or work if your still working. I’ve been hearing that the police are even citing people for violating that. Wow, harsh, but may be effective. It’s a fine line towards martial law.

So being in isolation you have the chance to catch up on new things. Maybe that project you have been putting off. Even trying new things in the kitchen is becoming more creative. Love seeing the various pictures and videos that everyone is creating. Everyone has gotten their kids involved and that is awesome! Teaching them these kinds of skills will go far!

young couple cooking in the kitchen together

I am finding the good thing about being in isolation, is that I find a way to be more productive while I am at home. I am curious about what others are doing to keep productive. I understand that with the kids being home, it can be very disruptive.

A few key things I have learned over the years about time management and keeping on task. Is to keep working at it. The first time is always difficult, but it does get easier. Break them up into smaller pieces, but keep the main goal in mind. Sometimes that does help. Especially when it’s a large goal. If you’re an early riser, that helps. Since most will not be up and you can get a lot done in a short amount of time.

The point is to use the time to start on a task and finish it. Whether it’s a small part of the whole thing. Only you know what you may be able to accomplish in a given amount of time. This also will show you what you may need to work on.

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