Going the distance…

So it has been 3 months since the onset of the virus that swept the world over. Not only has the US not really done anything to combat the issue, but the other countries that were initially hit and knew about it did something to fight this new virus.

Here in Tucson, the only reported case was in Phoenix. This was the end of February. No one was worried about anything. The serious lockdowns have not happened in Italy just yet. Only a few countries were the hardest hit.

I remember thinking about a friend of mine in another country, that has not had any cases in it. Although, information is rather hard in this country. I felt that she was going to have a hard time getting to the US if there are entry lockdowns.


So after catching up on plenty of sci-fi and other related shows, it’s starting to creep into my vocabulary now. Glad I haven’t seen 1984 or Animal Farm in a while to actually see the shelves today! Talk about laid board bare!

Actually the last time I have seen something like this was living in Alpena, MI. Working in Rogers City amidst a blizzard from the lake. Shelves were bare for almost a month due to road conditions, and late shipments. So think about this, even then, no one hoarded. Some even shared.

I went early, mainly for the reason of having the least contact with anyone. Even with none of this going on, this place can be a ghost town until 10. This time it’s a bit different. All the extra storage boxes are gone. The shelves were empty. Signs up about the shortage and limits. I got what I wanted. Since I mostly eat a lot of protein, some of those items were available. I splurged and got 2 packs of bacon. Needless to say, I wanted some spaghetti sauce, but that was fresh out.

Flour and seeing whats left…

There was one thing, I was hoping that there was some. My heart sank when I looked. Then I’m thinking in my head, “you savages!”. I know who would take all the flour. Those who know how to make many things with a bit of flour, yeast, and water. Oh, well.

I tried again, after visiting my mother and getting a few things she had set aside for me. At least this store was a lot better. There was milk and was tempted to getting some. Yet, I found my spaghetti sauce and even a can of refried beans! I was elated to see that and couldn’t pass it up.

So after going home and putting everything away. I felt I had some hope of riding this thing out, well food-wise. You can read how I get prepared about cooking in general, its Getting Prepared. Not sure what will happen at work. Since I am a part of the growing movement about the service industry not being a part of the stimulus plan that’s going around right now. I wish I had a link other than an Instagram one. A few celebrity chefs are posting about it. You have to think that, no matter what is going on, good or bad. You have to eat. Mess with that part of society, you’ll never recover. Ever seen the movie “Fight Club”? That shit is real, not sure you might want to trust your food for a long time.

Ok, that went well… I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on around the Sunshine Mile and the Old Pueblo. Just when we had the James Beard Awards coming out again….

3/23/20 Update…

Wow, what a week or so it has been since the last update. Even the weather here is going crazy. Must be the lack of traffic due to the butterfly effect from China. Seriously, though. Usually, the weather is getting warmer here, mostly it’s been a bit cooler than normal.

I remember when I went to the local store and seeing the shelves all out. That quickly turned into a smile after remembering going into a drugstore amid the distancing protocols. I actually went in to buy a 6 pack of beer and have been keeping my distance from others. Yet, I am not going to start hoarding for things, either. I am going through my self-isolation as normal. Also keeping away from the news helps since you can never get a decent answer. US management sucks!

Work has been limited to just take out only, deliveries until it is deemed unsafe for that close of contact. Which could change, but so far it’s going well. I wish to thank those who are helping those working in the service industry, especially all the restaurant people who are open and doing what they can to feed everyone and help out. I know I would like to work, but others could use the hours while at this time. Besides, it has been busy and welcome the time off.

Stay safe everyone, going to watch DJ D-Nice on Instagram for some live music, since we can’t be there in person.

3/28/20 update?!?

Hey everyone. It’s Saturday and I believe that it is my last day working for a while. Heard the last time I worked that we may be closing for 2 weeks due to issues with getting food from the purveyors and most of us are either quitting and leaving or just burned out from all the information overload. I am trying to keep away from all that and go about my day like normal.

Now that the toilet paper hoarding is calming down and some things are starting to stay on the shelves than before. Except for now the mayor has declared a lockdown and closing of all non-essential businesses. Which means that restaurants will still be open. Unfortunately, not a lot of them will or can stay open. Money is tight and a lot of restaurants around here are swapping produce or other menu items to help each other out to stay open. Even for the employee’s. Some diners and other eateries are even doing pay what you can as well. It’s inspiring and sad, that some of us service industry workers are getting a brush back for still working. Yet others are welcomed they can have food from their favorite place.

So now what…

With the lockdown going into place and we will find out what happens when I get to work. I am a bit sad, but since the criteria have been changed for applying for unemployment. It is something I will do once again, but also not counting on the so-called stimulus check to reach me anytime soon. It will be welcomed, but so far I have been hearing that you will not get the check for almost 3 weeks. Most will need it more and faster than 3 weeks.

This is what’s really upsetting…

So many have been dealing with agressive landlords wanting money. While others have been able to work with their landlords around here. Most of them are mom and pop owners of duplexes or have a small portfolio of houses or rental properites they own. They are the ones telling their tenets that they are ok and they are sometimes getting a free month. How nice is that! Not everyone is following that path. Some of the larger more corporate landlords, have been working with their tenets, but send out messages and such that they want their money. Which makes for some of us wishing we had the money, since they are hanging that over our heads.

Rental property owners are not the only ones trying to keep that bill is due mentality going. Services like cable are not delaying payments, but wanting their money regardless if you working or not. The electric and water service have stepped up a bit and said they will not shut off your service, but still want you to pay as soon as you can.

The blunt truth of it all…

This economy is fucked. Pardon my english. With what the top clown is spewing forth mumbled mess across social media, and even trying to take down a president in another country. We don’t have time for this. While it may be easy to perform such hidden acts. It’s more important to try and get this economy boosted again.

So far, I’ve only heard that our clown is trying to open things up by Easter. Well, that may be nice and all, but this after math isn’t going away any time soon. It’s going to be around July or August before we even think about trying to do normal things. With May being the key month for this Covid-19 mess. Although we are not 1st in the most cases. Mostly due to not implementing the protocols sooner. The joke is on you clown!

This only means that once I am able to travel and my friend from Europe finally comes. We will work on leaving for better pastures and not so much corruption when it comes to taxation and running a business in this country.


It’s been over a week since I last posted. After re-reading the previous entry, I was a bit upset. It was not long after that I basically said eff it and stopped watching the news. I’ve noticed that a lot of the tweets don’t fill my feed as much any more. I wonder if someone took away his soapbox?!? Either way you can be sure this isn’t going down well.

I’ve noticed that some cases has risen here in Tucson. Which prompted a bit more stricter social distancing rules in place. So now it makes things a bit more complicated when going out. You just see more tape lines and people wearing homemade masks. I am mostly surprised at how much the measures are in place. Not every place is set up like that. I’ve noticed how the corner store is not taking it too seriously, and have since decided to not to go back there. I mean the family has to hangout there. Some things never change even during a pandemic.

The last time I went to the store, there was still a few people in. Now, there is people outside taking numbers and such. Which I thing is actually great. Although, there still isn’t much on the shelves still. I believe mostly due to lack of workers in the factories and the picking season is just starting. Which brings up the issue with the Mexican border is shut down. So the migrant workers usually come up either from Yuma, since its closer to Tijuana and Nogales, AZ. There have been a few cases reported on the Nogales, Sonora side. It’s rather hard to get updated news from El Imparcial for the area.

The bottom line is that someone has to pick the produce, and work in the factory to process that produce. I want to get back to work. I am still working on this blog and being at work helps with that. At least I got an email from work that we are all still on the payroll unless we want to quit. Trying to look for work again, when there is going to be a big flood of people either changing jobs, or applying for jobs, due to their place of work literally went bankrupt. No thanks, I’ll stay. Besides I want to see what happens next after all of this. It’s going to be very interesting, best believe that!

4/21/20 What a few weeks…

Wow, what a cluster fuck of the last week and a half since I last updated about what’s happening. While some places have started to finally see somewhat of a slowdown. It is not where we are over the hump. Yet with these protests, it sure is making it hard to keep the virus from spreading more. What’s even worse is having a leader of a country praising them on, instead of being the responsible one to not entice such things. Not to mention a cryptic tweet about suspending visas for entering the US, due to protecting jobs. Unfortunately his fat, old white people followers will not work those jobs. Which has been mentioned before on a social media channel. I was called a racist, which didn’t make sense. So I asked if he would work that job. Which the reply was no. So I guess he rather wait for that management position, like cousin Eddie in Vacation.

The other recent issue has been with the paycheck protection plan. At least 3 major chains has taken at least 75% of the money needed to help small businesses. One returned it right away, while the other 2 have not even done anything. Which for what they got, was half of their net sales for the previous year. What the living fuck? I would be pissed about that. Been seeing plenty of businesses, including my job, really upset about this whole fiasco.

Wait there is more!!!

Not only is there talk about suspending visas, and yes he is still building the wall and destroying Native lands and protected lands. There is the audacity to say that anyone with a spouse that does not have a social security number will not receive any of the stimulus checks. Which is basically stating that only Americans are welcomed here. Xenophobia is rampant this last 9 months. It has just gotten worse. Spreading hate, racism and just bully tactics. I’ll be the first to say, that we need to take him out of office. I’ll go so far as maybe something more drastic?!?

Even so, the stimulus checks that are supposed to go out was stalled by one of his cronies that delayed sending the checks out in order to put his name on them. Which is a way to have the money go to the bigger companies and people rather than those who really need it most.

This whole thing stinks, and we are watching history being made, but not in a good way. If things continue, we will have a record number of businesses being closed for good. Including some medium chains and companies. Plus all these fat white people protesting to get back to work. Honestly I hope their fat asses get sick. It serves them right. Nothing like seeing your idiots parading around with guns acting stupid, thinking their jobs are more important or civil liberties are compromised. Some even go as far as the 1st amendment is being violated. Except they will not admit to the other ones that are being violated by their chief cult leader.

Man I really hate my fucking country and ashamed to be white in America.

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