Dinner with friends…

Imagine sitting around the table with friends and family. Everyone having a good time, drinking wine or something a bit harder.

You look around wondering about your current standing, not to be the judge. To marvel at how hard you worked to get to this point. Having your friends and family over for dinner, everyone helped. All adding their touch to a dish.

This is something I have dreamed about once I got the idea I wanted to be in debt and start a restaurant. Seriously, that thought went out the window once food trucks and the movie Chef came out!

I still want to have that brewpub and restaurant. Now that idea has changed, but just a little bit. I have imagined in inviting those who are close by for dinner and bring your favorite dish to share. I am sure there will be many stories shared with each other. I only ask you to bring an appetite, a good story to share.

We begin again…

So just like at the start, imagine sitting at a table with your friends and family sharing stories, and whatever seems to be flowing around the conversations. Imagine sitting next to someone from another country. Learning about their culture, or their experience in the town your in.

Since there are many apps out there that do help with this. One example is EatWith. Where you can schedule a lunch or dinner your way in whatever city you are living in. A great way to show travelers what locals are like, have a great meal and meet new friends.

This is one example, one that I have used before. The point is to invite some friends over, learn some new things about them. Share a few drinks, some funny story. This is how you make long lasting friends, plus you get to have plenty of food for leftovers!

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