Recipes and old skills…

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Lately, I have been renewing some old skills again. I am finding it thrilling to be able to make something again rather than buying it. I am not sure where I got the urge to try and see how my attempts would come out.

I remembered the times that my mom or any one of my relatives made fresh bread. The smell brings you back to a time of remembrance of past times with family. Just imagine that smell of fresh baked bread. A sweet aroma of grains being baked in perfect harmony with sweet and salty.

You know the thought is in your mind right now wondering where the butter and honey is! Seriously it’s real nice to be able to have a nice warm slice or fresh baked bread that you made yourself! It is not that hard. If your interested I have a recipe that I have found that I will share later.

It’s what you know…

The first time in doing something you are trying to see if you can actually do it. It may go well or it may not. It’s what you know that helps out when trying a recipe for the first time.

Take for instance about the bread reference above. You believe that it is a hard recipe or it may not come out right. Just breathe. You will do ok. Take the recipe and follow the steps. You may surprise yourself in what comes out.

You are now using what you know about a recipe. Isn’t that why you wanted to try it in the first place? To remember a time in your life that meant something to you. This is what it means by putting love into your dish or recipe. You are adding what you know about the recipe and how it made you felt the first time you had it or enjoyed it with family or friends.

yellow recipe box with flowers on the front.
Every one has a recipe box or book with plenty of favorite recipes in it!

Trying it all out…

So you have a recipe and you feel confident that your going to make this recipe right! Well, you are, because no matter what it will be a learning experience.

Feel free to try and change the recipe a bit. This is how you learn and can fix some mistakes. You just might have a different spin on your dish than originally thought of. This is what you would call either fusion if it’s from another dish entirely, or just winging it.

The main idea is that you have a recipe or at least the general idea of what goes in it. I can’t tell you how many times I have created something from scratch and see how it turns out. Marinades, vinaigrettes, and basic flour breads and rolls are easy to change and add ingredients based on tastes and the dish at hand. This is how you start to learn and remember how a recipe works and creates something you just might enjoy.

If you are interested I did a post or two about trying out a few recipes. If you are interested in them, here is the link for a cherry bread and a pesto recipe I tried out.

Updates and new skills…

So I recently posted about what’s going around during the pandemic and the mass hoarding that seems to be going on. Since I tend to live a more spartan type of eating lifestyle. Mostly due to working in the restaurant industry.

In this time it’s important to pay attention to the recipe. If you haven’t worked with an ingredient before. Look it up and watch a few videos. You will see what it does and looks like as it cooks or mixes together. It’s all about paying attention and you will have a nice dish in no time!

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