The allure of food…

Ever have that moment, when you’re eating something delicious. You get that warm, in love type of feeling? That is what I wish to talk about in this post.

How the love of food and emotional attachment we have with certain foods. You know you found it when you get all warm and fuzzy inside. You feel elated, happy, comfort. Hence the term “Comfort Food”!

Your sense of smell, sight, and taste play a part in knowing what you like and desire to try and taste. When you visit a market or farmer’s market. You can see and smell the environment. Watching the sellers and the people walking around with intent in their eyes or maybe a hunger for tonight’s dinner!

Recipe or just wing it…

Having been to quite a few open air markets over the years, I have learned that sometimes you have a recipe in mind, but upon visiting the market, not the grocery store, mind you. That you find something that inspires you to either add or incorporate into your dish. Some may call it fusion, others just call it their own recipe.

The main point here is that you are creating something you imagine will become a tasty meal. That is the reason why you decide to cook that nights meal in the first place. It doesn’t matter what you are making, it the process and the journey that is what makes you who you are. Everything from your family to friends have some sort of influence in your dish or recipe.

Do you wing it or have a recipe and get inspired by what you see and smell at the local market? Well, that answer can only come from what you actually see and smell. Honestly, I believe that you should just go with it and see what you come up with. I am sure that you will find something that will be new or improved.

To show all the food stuffs in a farmers markets
Farmers markets are great for recipe creation and fusion.

To be able to visit a farmers market and just view all the colors smells and such is a great way to find your next creation. Think of making something new as art in a way that you are doing performance type work. Except the creation is something that you will enjoy and may use again.

Farmers are vital…

There are many reasons why helping out the smaller farmers who sell their wares to others instead of sending them to the commercial markets. One reason is that they are mostly organic in nature. Not usually by choice, but by financial reasons. Think about that for a minute. Most will associate them with being chemical-free in most respects. Which is true, but also that since money can be an issue, having the sprays or pesticides can be rather expensive.

Yet many within many countries this is becoming scarce to find. Most of these farmers go to the markets to sell their goods, hoping to make something for what they either grew or raised. It’s a sustainability issue that needs to be respected and saved. To have a way to source food goods without the over-processed chemicals and packaging is key to keeping you and the farmers going.

Why would you pay less for an inferior product that gives nothing real in return when you can help out a local vendor and even have better health. Besides, you will enjoy something that is part of the vendor’s history. This could be from a family recipe or even a plant has grown since their past relatives first started the farm or species of plant!

This is something that all ties in with the allure of food. You are not only buying something from a local vendor, but you are also helping a local farmer who loves what they are doing. That love for food and the ingredients that goes into any dish is passed on. The whole idea of this blog is about the allure of food, how it brings together many aspects of love around family, the recipe being passed down, and the community. This to me brings the allure of food to a personal level and I wish to share it with anyone willing to sit down and have a plate of food and connect like friends and family.

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