What is a dream? This is something I have pondered many times over the US holidays. I came to the realization that I have spread myself a bit thin.

What I have started to help pay for my travels while abroad and while staying for any extended periods. Yet, this is not what has happened.

I have sort of drifted away from what I wanted to do here in the first place. So I am slowly ridding my self of these side ventures a bit and focus more on this blog and what I originally wanted to do with it.

What is new and ongoing…

So now I have added a YouTube channel, which you can visit here. The Merry Bacchus. I do hope that you subscribe. I am also launching a similar channel to Bitchute for most of my videos. This is something I felt was needed and also something I planned on from the beginning.

I still have my other social media presence. I am usually found mostly on Twitter if you need to reach me there. I follow a nice group of travelers and bloggers that are willing to help out, have good tips and anything related to travel. I for one am grateful for those who follow and have helped out.

I wanted to start this blog due to having a love affair with food. Cooking it, experiencing it and being able to enjoy the area in which it was made. This year I do plan on doing just that. Not only just my current locale but were some of the influences come from as well!

What’s coming???

So with all of that coming and going through your head, what is coming? Well for starters, I am in the process of adding an affliate for travel bookings to the site. I believe that even though you may have your favorites. It at least gives you the opportunity to compare prices. That is for starters.

I am also looking to update the blog a bit and provide a better theme throughout the site. Mostly for mobile optimization. I, myself use a mobile most of the time to upload posts. So having a nice mobile friendly site is my focus for this year. I welcome anything you might want to see or removed.

The next thing, I have added a video channel to the fold. This will mostly showcase my cooking skills. I wanted to provide my readers with some other things besides a few pictures and links to other blogs. I wanted to show you how easy it is to just cook. This will link up later on when I add an EatWith account for dinners and such while I am here in Tucson.

With the video chanel going and starting to be spread out there. I want to be able to interact with my readers and subscribers. Seriously, if you want to come out here and visit, let me know. I only recommend not around the gem show here, due to everything is literally booked, hotel, airbnb, etc wise. Just a quick tip!

Come visit my pages on social media, on Facebook and through the blog. I would love to answer a few questions and get your thoughts and such!

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