Food and Friends…

I am sitting in my apartment, reliving a few things from the past year. It was not the best of a year for me, but I did manage to grow from it and moved on. I believe the hardest part is making a promise and not keeping it.

Then I remembered I wanted to start a sourdough starter…

This is where my love for food, beer, wine, good friends come together. I love to cook. Been in the industry for many years. Enjoy it. Love sharing a plate of food with others.

Now it gets interesting…

What I had planned, in my buzzed state, is to do sourdough pretzels for a get-together. I may have those here to try to make them. With drinks and such. It will give them a chance to learn to make something different. This is what I had envisioned with this blog.

To be able to teach someone something new, while having a few drinks and sharing stories with each other. This is what being a friend and sharing the food everyone has created together means. I love to cook and want to share that with family, and friends. Besides, you don’t have to cook and get to try something new and different from a personal point of view!

Image is telling you to share homemade food with friends over drinks.

This is my plan for the new year. I want to try out a few things through co-workers and friends before starting my own EatWith get-togethers. This is something I wish to do while I am abroad as well. I plan on staying in a country for a short while. I wish to experience food from elsewhere, to visit a bustling market in order to make that night’s meal. Being here in AZ you get quite a mix, yet not as broad one might assume.

Tell me what you would like to eat…

I am interested in hearing what you would like to eat. Trying something more authentic in its home country can be overwhelming. Especially if its a national type dish with all the variations! This is what I want to try, then maybe recreate the dish. This is how you grow, and learn. I can’t wait, and looking forward to hearing what you think!

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