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I’m at work on a quick break. It occurs to me that I will have a kitchen in which to post more in-depth videos on cooking. Besides bringing you more content on traveling, beer, wine and of course, cooking!

Since this is a major step for me, I will be able to post better content without having the struggle of clearing a space and finding the time in which to bring better content. I have been wanting a new place in which to do such things. Also to expand on my experience as a cook in the now 1st UNESCO city of Gastronomy. You can read that post by clicking here.

Begining to gain ground…

As I stated before, I have been working at a restaurant that has been visited by Guy Fieri for an episode of Diners, Drive in’s and Dives. The episode did much to the following of the place. Now it is cemented whenever the episode airs on tv.

What I wanted to do was visit breweries and vineyards around the world and make some food showcasing the flavors of the spirits I have tasted. Even cook with what I have tasted.

Wine, for the most part, is easy to cook with and has been used for that purpose for many years. Besides drinking something made from grapes, it’s no surprise that it is used to make many sauces and used in many religious events. Hence why I got the name Bacchus, the god of wine and merriment!

Beer, on the other hand, is making a good comeback to be used for cooking or pairing with many foods that once were dominated by wine. For me being a homebrewer, if I had a batch of beer come out not quite where I wanted it to be. I would use it to make bread or use it for heavy sauced soups or stews.

Now to the cooking part. I have used both in many dishes that I have served my kids, friends, and family over the years. I have used many of beer in a dish in order to get that flavor that you just can’t get with wine. While the flavor profile of wine does tend to come out more when cooking with meats, and tomatoes. I find that having beer as a component in cooking, you get a more bubbly type of flavor that adds to the dish. Hops and the grain profile does make for a varied type of beer. It does add a certain depth of flavor to a dish.

What I’m working on now…

Contrary to belief. I am working on a few ideas and trying to flesh them out. Now that I have a new mixer, I do plan on making a few more desserts, bread, and dressings. Working at a fine dining restaurant using the same style of mixer. I had made plenty of desserts and dressings with it. Now I wish to expand on it further. I have seen many use it for plenty of dishes. I now wish to share that with you. One reason why I am looking forward to creating more and better content.

I already have a YouTube channel for the Red Cactus in order to review some products I sell on website. I now wish to add some videos here. To show you that wherever you are, you can visit the local market and find something to make and it will be good.

To sum it all up…

I have put off the past month with everything cooking and visiting breweries around town. I have decided to pursue many things that I need to succeed and find out that I am nearly there. Without those that do follow me and my ramblings, Do not think that I wouldn’t sit down with you anywhere around the world and share a plate of food and share some stories over drinks. This is what friendship and new-found friends are for!

With the advances in cooking shows and chefs these days, I am fascinated with all the styles and fusion going on. Not to mention that there is plenty of food out there in the world that does not get noticed. I am on a mission to bring you more foods from other parts of the world and do so, by keeping the traditions alive while I try to make the dish.

Keep an eye on the blog for more details and you can follow me on Facebook, where sometimes I post quick updates and other bits of info about places I have been to recently. Stay tuned and…

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

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