Changing Lanes…

Ever had one of those moments, where you feel that you need to change. While sometimes this does come into effect if you either have been drinking and have a moment of clarity of some kind. No? Are you sure? Let me tell you about my experience.

I had a moment like that, but not just once. Twice this has happened to me. It happened while I was walking to a bus stop and again a couple of weeks later while drinking. Let’s say that once it popped into my head, I paid my tab and left the bar to look into this.

Mind you lately I have been a bit frustrated with where my online e-commerce stores are going. I have had at least 2 of them for several months, and it does get a bit hard to keep track of them all. Yet I am not about to give up on them just yet. It is something that I have been toying with, but find it hard to give up on them.

Shifting focus

While I am not leaving my original idea of traveling to visit as many breweries or vineyards around the world. I mainly had e-commerce stores to help offset my travel costs. I just may keep 2 of them and go from there. I have been trying to do a couple of things. I am learning about how to manage multiple stores, marketing, and social media. While Instagram is slowly going downhill with engagement and the new algorithm.

I have decided to invest more since it tends to give a better rate of return. Mind you I live on a line cook type of pay, but when I invest it does gives me a good return. While the dropshipping stores do make for a better ‘work from anywhere’ mentality. It is not the type of work that I really wanted to do more than this blog.

I have noticed that I have been going out more, but not to places that I wish to learn or visit. I believe that I am getting a bit too comfortable at work. I need to get out and do a few microtrips. This will help me break the cycle of doing the same thing. I have offers now to visit Chile, Mexico and a few local breweries. I am going to start back on my Spanish and beer speak in order to visit. I also have plans on going to Hermosillo, MX to visit a local brewery there that has some ties to Tucson, AZ and some of their beer is here in town.

Microtrip- Where you go for less than 7 days to experience a specific place with some downtime to enjoy the city or town your are in.

The Merry Bacchus

This planning of taking a mini trip is going to be very helpful to my overall wellbeing. That, and I have been wanting to go somewhere for at least a few days. I already have looked at a few places to go. I wanted to do a nice weekend type of turnaround. Hence, the term microtrip.

friends together

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