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Sunday Run-Down…

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Ever had one of those weeks, where no matter what you are doing, you feel that you haven’t really gotten much done? If no, then you must have some awesome skills at time management.

I am talking about how you plan something and it still has not gotten into the go stage of actually working on it and doing it. Everyone has that project that has not gotten off the ground just yet. Let’s not speak about the evil word of Procrastination. It does prolong a few things now and then. Sometimes it goes through the process of obtaining the materials or even finding the time. Yet, most of us, know that putting it off only makes the inevitable harder to deal with.

Procrastination- the process of putting off what you think you should have done already

The Merry Bacchus

It’s a new week and time to get back at it and work on new things and finish a direction that I have started on a few months ago. For the last few months, I have been working on many things dealing with dropshipping and investing. While some do involve using money. Its the whole process of actually doing them.

Making good habits…

As the heading suggests, it’s about making good habits. This is something that you have to think about when you are working on your side hustle, at-home project or even your performance at your job. By doing something regardless of what you are feeling, time of day, or month in the year.

I have read several instances of how to make a good habit. If you look at a few business or entrepreneur posts on Instagram. You will see that a few quotes a psychologist and authors on the subject. Meaning that it takes 21 days to make a habit. Read more about the 21/90 rule.

I’m not saying that you do this rule for a one time type of project. This rule is good for something that you do on a constant basis. You have to literally commit to doing something for a consecutive number of days. Think of it as a way to start something and the more you do it, the more it gets easier.

Being consistent…

Ok, you have started on a path of doing something to make a habit. You are finding that it is getting easier working on whatever you are doing. The whole process of creating something is starting to bear fruit of all the hard work you have put in.

This is where you have to keep at it. Stay positive. Do not stop or let your foot off the gas. In this day and technology, its all about not stopping for a minute. Being consistent is what helps keeps the motivation going and for you to constantly working to get to your goal and then go out and create another one.

My direction…

So what I have been working on lately is to start a new and better habit. I am working on a few new and better habits. Being consistent is key, but it’s not easy. You still have to live your life and have somewhat of a social life now and then. Except in my case, I am finding it hard to get those from work to venture out with me.

I am not giving up. Right now I am working on several goals, some that needs to be taken care of. Some with bad circumstances. Regardless, I am working to take care of them. I am also putting more effort into my online stores, getting someone from another country here to visit. This time last year I was working in a job that didn’t care too much about me as an employee other than to make them richer. This year, I am working on myself and setting goals to achieve them with the intent of creating more income for me. To bring you, my readers more content than just food, or life pieces.

I am sure that you wish to see more posts about traveling and visits to more breweries and vineyards around the world. Right now there isn’t a lot of people that are actually doing this. You usually see either just wine or just beer. I wish to do all three and include spirits! No, not the dead type. I’ll save that for a Day of the Dead trip to Mexico City next year. I have to get to Mexico first and get settled. This is going to be a slew of goals that I wish to get completed before Christmas. Wish me luck, and go out and set some goals of your own!

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