Amused by the muse…

Within the past few weeks, I have started to see things in a slightly different light. Not in a bad way, think of it as enlightenment. More to what I envisioned this blog to go and what it can do for others. It is not about any particular program or some campaign about traveling and food.

I am amused about the people I happen to see, work with and interact with. Like I have mentioned before, I have been thinking about many things in a different way. Most of it is due to where this country is going. Not trying to be in a political stance. It shows how your thinking can be put in many different directions. I chose mine to be one that accepts things for what they are and to work on myself. Basically meaning I am doing me.

Have you ever thought about what you are actually seeing? You see something that makes you think, and then question your own way of thinking. Just imagine how by altering your perception on many things and see what you, yourself are doing the same thing.

Perception is key…

By altering your perception just a bit, you begin to see a bigger picture. Which in turns gives you that perception to see things for what they are. Questioning many aspects of either your life or the way life is headed. Just remember that by having your perception to be more positive and learn from what you are seeing. This is what is means to have a muse. Something or someone that helps you with a thought and your able to flush it out.

Be positive, be grateful for many things in your life. You will be surprised about what

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