We are consumers. Especially in the United States. We care more about what we look like and perceived. Follow those who are shallow and have no other purpose then to look pretty. Never had a real job.

We consume what the media puts out. Whether it’s the truth or not. Spinning their agenda to the degree that it changes the way people think.

Do not be hurt by this, the truth really hurts. It’s supposed to. It’s how you grow and move forward. Yet many don’t see it. Look at what is going on through social media. Plenty to see, but never really getting the whole picture. Hell, we barely get anything outside the United States. Why? Because it doesn’t help the mainstream media agenda. We’re only care about ourselves then anyone else. It shows in many ways.

I fell into that trap as well, growing up feeding off misinformation. Once smartphones came about, the world opened up. They couldn’t hide information anymore. The grip loosens.

Now the game is to pick and choose what to show to keep you hooked. We consume a lot of misleading information. While it’s true, you are distracted from what is really going on. This is the new agenda.

Now the question is to cut the cord fully and lessen the power of misdirection. We consume on a more faster pace. Many not caring about local affairs.

New consumerism

How can you compete with the new consumers. Many keeping stereotypes alive and not participating. Consumerism is good, but a tricky road to travel. The proliferation of online shopping from a smartphone is now the norm then visiting an actual store.

The younger generations are doing without many things due to price. Even forfeiting buying homes or cars. Putting a hit into companies that build such products. Labor unions are at a loss to keep their employees employed. Some even outsource elsewhere to reduce costs. Housing and real estate is hit due to the demand not keeping up with the supply. Many preferring to rent, or travel more and not really having a place to call home.

Perception kills thinking

Let me ask you this. How many times have you bought something online and gotten it faster and with better service than, if you actually went to a store to get the same product online? It may have been cheaper, but the convenience of driving to a store, the mentality of burning a gallon of gas to get there and then standing in line then driving back home. We have consumed several things in the process of doing one task!

Not my idea of trying to live below your means and keeping a bit of money. Why in the United States we consume more than we actually make in wages. Does it have to be that way? Apparently it is. If you tell someone about the ins and outs of how to use the system to your favor, your greeted with a contempt of being a cheater. Even like a criminal! Knowledge is power these days. Not having it readily available to consume for better purposes is more criminal.

It is once you start to learn in how you can use the rules set in place “For Everyone” that you can start to become more aware of how consumerism works and see past the rhetoric that is being pumped out to you on social media. No longer would you see those with false or copy cat influences to sway you. You’ll be able to think instead of having someone else make you believe their perception.

Systems in place, now changing

With the invention of schools, which came about the end of child labor in factories. The pattern was to get you used to working during the day. School only teaches you as a group based on an institutions curriculum. If your a teacher and stray from that, you can be fired. Same can be said for some big companies in how a product is made out even made with. Any suggestion that changes a process can be severely dealt with.

Online working is not easily accepted in the United States due to many companies losing out on workers and money being made by those workers. Other countries are accepting it, because they believe in family and relationships. Better production and a fast paced environment are keys to keeping things going for the money to flow in. Working for yourself you are never free.

Such current systems in place are not conducive to help you get ahead. Living paycheck to paycheck is the way the system works. Buying things you don’t really need. Just to be like everyone else, and yet you are still the same person with less of a paycheck and expensive clothes. Now tell me is that what you want? Of course not. You want to be able to afford your car payment, house payment, cable subscriptions and that clothing box or makeup box each month. That’s just it. You need to change in how you are consuming. If it isn’t making you money without having to make a payment then it isn’t helping. Getting a better paying job will not work.

Let’s try something new

So you are ready to be a smarter consumer. I’m not telling you to just go out and sell your stuff and live in a cardboard box. You’ll need to plan. The first thing to think about is your subscriptions. Do you really watch that much tv? You can stream for far less. Having an Amazon prime account gives you many benefits, like free Kindle books, Amazon music, tv streaming. This can save you lots. Just keep internet around 30 mb and your good.

Drop any clothes, food, or makeup monthly boxes. This will save you plenty in the long run. There are other ways to score free stuff to try. Do a test product and give a review service. Many dropshippers would love for an honest review without having to pay an influencer!

Pay off or ditch the car payment. The goal is to live below what your bringing in. Car payments, gas and mantinence suck a lot of money from your budget.

Same goes with a house payment. Understandably you’ll want to try and pay off early, but see about refinancing for a lower rate. Get your bill lowered.

Start investing. I can’t stress this enough. By investing in many REIT’S after having about 1 to 3 grand in REIT’s you’ll actually start seeing a passive income. This is what you want.

You start to here the idea that by being a better consumer you’ll actually have more to do with in less time than by getting a higher paying job.

They teach this kind of things in school, I’m giving you the information from what I’m finding that works. I never had a house, but know I rather not have the expense until I know I can pay for it fully or have a passive income to offset what I’m paying. I want my expenses lower and am doing it with a job that pays around 13$ an hour. I supplement my income with side hustles. Mostly transcription work and flipping websites is what I know best.

The goal is to consume less junk and more information that benefits me in many ways.

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