Getting it together…

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So lately I have been trying to get a few things together. So far I haven’t been able to do that. I am not sure, but looking at things further, I have noticed a few things.

The main things I have noticed is that I am getting things done. It just seems to be that way. I have been working on selling one website, and start working on other two others. Plus I am working on a full-time job as well. I am doing this in order to pay off a few bills in order for me to move to Merida, MX. I am looking forward to this and will love the opportunity to be down there and have some fun.

The search goes on…

While I have been looking for something to rent down there, I have also been trying to find a way to visit my kids. Plus I have been telling them to get their passports. I do plan on saving some money once I am down in Merida, to go visit my sister in the UK and maybe take my girls with me. I also will be visiting other friends that I have made through this blog and social media.

I do plan on adding an EatWith dinner or lunch while I am down there. Maybe even do a cooking class of some kind. The style will vary, but it will be fun and worth coming down and trying out some food. My fear is that it wouldn’t be great, but wanting to do it to prove myself wrong!

Keep moving forward…

Since I had a few financial setbacks with my main online-only bank account. I had to make a few changes. I am not worried, because that didn’t slow me down. I kept moving forward. I now have my recently purchased store opened and updated. Working on the other one. I’m finding that I may be able to create and sell stores or at least set up one to sell. I have so many things going on it’s hard to keep track of them all!

Seriously, I have been investing more and more and that is starting to pay off. Once I have REITS invested in, stocks, and affiliates working, I’ll not have to worry about money so much. While I’m more worried about meeting people and ensuring that they are having a good time while visiting me or attending my EatWith events. You have live a lifetime in order to grow.

So now what?

Well now, I am still moving forward. Working on writing more. Have a few opportunities to get more traffic to the blog. I am also planning my escape to a more nomadic style of life. I don’t give up that easily, but keeping motivated is not easy when your sleeping on a hide a bed!

I will say to those that do actually read this. Keep moving forward, don’t give up and be grateful for many things in life. The more I think about what I have done, the more I appreciate things in life. I love life and want to send out an open invitation to all my followers and friends on social media. I will make you a plate of food and we will swap stories, we will have plenty of things to tell each other.

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