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Hey its that time of year in which to have pesto, use just about any or all the growing ingredients in the garden, window sill herb stash. This is the time of year where those who do canning preserve what they have grown. Not to mention this is good way in incorporate the necessary vitamins into your diet. Besides, who don’t like having something that isn’t overlly hot to eat during the summer.

Let’s gather ingredients

So the first thing you might have guessed if you know a few things about pesto is that you need Basil. oil, and pine nuts. This is the basis for pesto and what is needed. I will say that you can make pesto out of many different things. First off lets go through the process of the pesto that I had made.

So the pesto is going to be made in a blender or food processor. This will ensure that all of the ingredients are blended well and incorporated. Unless you wish to make it with a pestal and mortor!

Here we go…

First is Basil. Most important. Use all the leaves on a stem of basil. The stems are not needed, due to it can make the pesto bitter and grassy.

Walnuts is the second ingredient. While normally you would use pine nuts, and gives the pesto a nice rich taste, but mellow enough to be in harmony with all the other ingredients. This will add a nice nutty taste. Toast for increaded flavor or roast with favorite coating like garlic oil, or something similar.

The oil! The general rule to this one is to use olive oil. Other oils will work for this sauce. Remember the viscosity of any oil, other than olive oil will change the overall taste and consistency of the pesto. I prefer to use either infused oils or actual olive oil. Most of the infused oils that I create are of the canola or vegetable types of oil. They are balanced without adding too much of the taste to any dish. They also tend to have a nice emulsifing quality when used in a blender!

Last but not least is the other ingredients. Most of which are the spices, maybe a bit of garlic if not using any garlic infused oil. This can be fresh, roasted, or even sauteed.
Fastest sauce you can make in a processor.

The recipe for you…

  • 1 cup of basil
  • 1/4 cup of walnuts
  • 1/3 cup of olive oil (infused garlic oil was used)
  • salt pepper mix to taste
  • put in some love

Now I will say that this a general rule of thumb for this restaurant. The basil you can’t really go light on it. A good rule of thumb is to add enough of the oil and nuts to not make the pesto too thick. Add a little of the walnuts a little at a time. Walnuts tend to make things thick when processing them. Add enough oil to make the pesto thin enough like pancake batter. No not like your dad’s thin pancake batter either!

If pesto is not your thing, here’s or there is also

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