The Loop…

It’s a relatively nice evening. I’m on the Loop in Tucson, AZ riding to Campbell to watch the sunset and enjoy the bats that hang out around Campbell Ave. Since the loop has been built, is around 145 miles of pathway that surrounds the Rillito River and it’s tributaries.

Not to mention, the other races and trainers that ride up Mt Lemmon for Tour de France and others.

I love the loop to ride my bike, walk. Just to clear my head, reconnect with nature a bit. Soak up the last rays of the sun! I am a Leo, after all!


The Bat Bridge

Mind you, now since the loop has been finished, the underpass by Campbell Ave is now designated a wildlife protected area. This is to ensure that the bats home is taken care of, and they are protected. Since the bats go on to pollinate all the saguaro cactus in the Tucson area.

There are around five to ten thousand is them coming from the bottom of the bridge. It is a sight to see. I highly recommend it and then head to Traders Joe’s for a yummy chocolate bars!

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

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