Late night musings…

Is a typical Tuesday night. Nothing really going on. It’s slow and the summer in Tucson.

This year, the heat didn’t hit till a few weeks ago. Right at the beginning of the monsoon season! Some days are better than others.

For tonight, I worked with someone that used to work at Rocco’s before. Always nice to see someone new.

Tuesday’s gone…

Being in a kitchen on a slow night can be trying. Imagine trying to keep busy after a deep clean a month prior!

I managed to keep busy, enjoy those that were working tonight. A night that wasn’t hectic, but all of us connected. Finally had a decent shift. Without anything going off the rails. Loved feeling that and no issues.

This illustrates how, with a good team, obstacles are overcome and goals are met. Regardless of where you work, you are part of a team.

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Stay positive. It will happen.

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