Quick Update…

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Hola! Hello!

I wanted to give a heads up as to what I am working on besides seeing me post on the social media outlets. For instance, you can follow me on Instagram or on Twitter. I will be expanding to YouTube later on.

The posts will begin to become more frequent and will be tied in with my dropshipping site at TheRedCactus.com. I will be adding posts or links that relate to travel. While also having various ads from the site added. This will be in addition to the ad account I have with Google. While I try to keep the ads down to a minimum, with the occasional affiliate ad from Amazon or Google I have created when it pertains to the topic of the post.

Tell me what you are working on…

While I am not slowing down, I have been busy with getting a balance to work and getting my other half of the business I have started going. While it is not easy, I am starting to get back into the swing of things and making better progress with the posts.

I would love to hear what you are doing besides traveling and blogging. I am sure that you have other things your working on. I would love to hear them. From my experience, I have done many things and found out how to fail and learn from that. Besides, I will provide some kind of feedback. Or at least a different perspective.

Besides, don’t you want to talk about something else other than your blog? I can carry an adult conversation and not be about traveling, blogging or anything related. I wish to carry a conversation that helps bring a friendship, even if it’s just sharing a plate of food.

RedCactus Logo, with friendship quote.

Need a friend abroad?

While I may be still in Tucson, AZ I am planning on moving to Merida, MX and will have the space in which to have guests over. I have already mentioned to a few of my followers and those who follow me, about having them a place to visit, if they are passing through.

I expect that many might take me up on the offer, but will ask for no money, except for friendship and to try out a plate of food with drinks of course. This is what I wish to bring with my blog, besides just showcasing my recent trip to a vineyard, brewery or foodie place around the world.

Challenge time…

I will challenge you to try and find the time to either meet someone new, share a plate of food with them. Get to know your new found friend. Learn from them, experience life and share plenty of stories about your life. Even make food or bread or something. Experience life with someone new and get out of your comfort zone.

Tell me what you have challenged yourself to meet someone new, experienced something different and out of your comfort zone. I believe in the power of friendship. Why I am looking forward to meeting all those who I follow and those who follow me back. I have an open door policy, something I have been doing since I was a kid growing up in Southern Georgia. I am there for my friends!

Believe in friendship, no matter where you may be

Chris- The Merry Bacchus

Quick Update part 2

So now that I have decided to find a way to get rid of most of my stuff and go walkabout. I decided that while, working and making money in one place is nice and all. It’s not what I wish to do. Everyone else seems to be happy staying in one place and complaining about how life is.

I am not a happy camper. I have been having this itch for a long time. With my last marriage in shambles due to many aspects of a relationship that seemed to be one-sided. That is behind me and I have since moved on. I have my kids and my sanity for now. I need a plane ticket or at least money for one. My Sanity is being rude and wanting to go.

While I may not have the followers like others, I have thought long and hard about what I need to fulfill in order to take this blog to the next level. I do have other means in which to make money, and so far they haven’t gotten hot right now. While, that may be a bit disheartening. I am still going forward and will eventually purchase another website to either flip or get going. I believe that I don’t have the time and effort to work full time at a job, write a blog, deal with affliate links and other related pursuits. I can easily do a lot of this on the road. Most of the time I am using my phone to create photos for IG posts, FB ads, etc.

I am looking to fill my passport book up. Not stare at it and wonder why I don’t have anything in there. That will soon change.

Steps being taken

While the thought of just dropping everything at once, and run off is very compelling to do. I do have a few other things to take care of. I am torn with renting out an apartment and being by myself again. This will do two things. One, it gives me the extra time needed to deal with my entrepreneur endeavors more often. Two to be able not to have to deal with someone else when you wish to go to bed and your sleeping on the couch!

I so far also have to deal with getting all of my stuff either out of storage and sold for the extra money. Also to no longer have that payment. This is something I wish to take care of even before I was fully involved with this blog.

Another step is for me to finally get over having to deal with any real obligations other than a few payments to finally be free of them. Which I would still need to take care of. I don’t want to be that callous of a person to not take care of such things.

This is a part of the few steps I have taken so far in order to make the transition to traveller more often than just thinking of it. If those that follow me even take a look at the other sites or click on an ad or even order something from me on the store, I would be appreciative. This will help in getting the other steps in line and I can acheive my goals at a faster rate.

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