Spring into Summer

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It’s that time of year again in which we start to think about summer vacations. Unless your job is traveling then, it’s how to best save on the next flight out and what you can do to make the trip last a bit longer.

While I am starting out in the traveling world and building upon an idea using food, wine, beer and having friends to share such things with. I am still learning about traveling and making enough money in which to travel.

The idea I am thinking about is that if you are racking up the flying miles through the various places to get the miles, then you have no shortage of free flights. Yet there is also the issue with getting the hotels and hostels. If you are traveling alone then hostels and a few Airbnb places might do the trick. Unless you have new found friends in the traveling world, you will be able to have plenty of places to share a house with.

Something to think about

While you are thinking about having that flight set up, whether you use an app or just use some of your flight miles that you have saved up.

I want you to think about that while you are out and about, what are you going to do?

Think about it. You already have a flight, to visit a place you haven’t been to before. Your excited about going and then it hits you.

city background with Now what are you going to do?
Have a plan

What are you going to do? Going for a food adventure? Maybe visit some tourists places or wanting to explore the city on a more personal level?

This is something that you have to think about and ponder. What you can do is set out a few goals to what you have in mind. By setting a few goals, you narrow down what you wish to do while traveling. This also ensures that you can have a nice trip and be able to accomplish all if not some of the goals you may have while on the trip.


I have a few thoughts and ideas how to best go about organizing. It doesn’t really need to be hard. My idea is to figure out the main reason to go. For instance, for the food, for a wine tasting, to visit religous sites?

This will ensure you have a base in which to base activities. Think about 3 to 4 for about a week long. You can add to that, maybe adding a day for a particular stop.

The main thing is to have fun. Don’t overdo it. Keep at least a day to visit like a local. Stay around your hotel and plan a day to visit the coffee shop, or the market. Sit in the local park. You are there to enjoy life. To see another country, experience their culture.

Have Fun Traveling!

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