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Not long ago, I got the idea to make marinara. Just like we do at my current job. While it is something I have yet to do, but found out after this experiement that I came out really good about the hwole ordeal.

Now I have made it and it turned out, no need to change the process or the recipe. There was enough that I have made in an enameled cast iron pot,I got a while back. The juice that I used was from the cans of tomato juice that we use for the marinara at work. I took enough to make a big pot of it. The idea was to ensure that I had enough for other dinners or lunches later on.

Want a plate?

So now that I can make marinara. I have a little bit of experience in which to make marinara and alfredo too! This is something to make for dinner one night when it’s an EatWith dinner.

The process is fairly easy to make. You can make it with stewed tomatoes, or stripped, and even crushed tomatoes. I recomment using crushed or stripped. Cut up about a cup and a half of onions. More or less to taste. Use olive oil and nothing else, to brown up the onions to just a golden brown. Next add chopped garlic. Whether dicing up garlic or prediced. Powder will not work.

With 2 large cans of tomatoes, you would then add the marinara onions with chopped garlic, including the olive oil into the pot.

Diced Garlic ready for the onions.

In my opinion it is far easier to get a bulb of garlic and peel it and dice it than using preminced type of garlic. You can use the whole cloves for that empty wine bottle with a canola oil. Keep the cork and get your bottle of oil ready to pour into the bottle.

Garlic Oil for salads, fresh bread, etc.

By now you have worked up an appitite and getting thirsty. This is where a bit of red wine comes into play! As long as it’s either drinkable or not, you can add it to the marinara. You are only using a little bit anyways. It shouldn’t take you only about 1 to 2 cups. You are cooking the marinara down and reducing it by half. Why it does take a long time, but trust me its’ worth it. You can’t rush these kinds of things.

Time to relax…

So by now you have added the onions and garlic mix to the tomatoes and added the wine. Give it a nice stir and turn to low heat. The idea is to get to a low boil. Keep the bubbles down to a minimum. The trick is to keep stirring the marinara!

Do Not Forget to Stir! This is what makes the marinara go a bit faster, cook down or reduce properly. If your ever been in many households where this has been made, you know and hear keep stirring!

By this time you have it started to boil at a low boil. You had a nice sip of the wine before you added it to the marinara. Time to get busy with the rest of the dinner plans. The marinara is going to cook down for a few hours, why it’s time to sit back and work on that blog post, or read a few others.

By The time your ready…

This is when the marinara is almost done, you read up on the blog posts and maybe emails. You can smell it cooking and look it over. Hopefully you have been stirring it. If not please don’t scrape the bottom! You don’t want that burnt taste in the marinara. It will make it bitter.

If it is thick enough to your liking, which I suggest to make it on the thick side. You can then add some parsley, and parmesean cheese. If you have the dried parsley that will work. You will just be using quite a bit. Why fresh is cheap and easier. This adds to the overall flavor of the sauce.

You added the Parmesan, parsley and have it stirred in and good. Hopefully, you have turned it off. You can cool it down a bit with some ice bathusing a closable container filled with water and ice. This will ensure that the sauce is not boiling hot when adding it to the spaghetti.

Get your spaghetti done and garlic bread done and your ready for dinner! I hope that you are hungry and ready to eat! Get a nice light red and your plate, lets have a great dinner, and conversation to make this an awesome dinner!

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