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So I have been using Meetup for a while now. Pretty much just in Tucson, Az. I haven’t seen many others in other parts of the world. I did do a search for a few other places. For instance in Merida, MX. I had found there is a language meetup. It was in English, but not only did it pertain to Spanish and English, but I did manage to find out that there are other languages as well. Which is good news, because while I do know Spanish, I would attend other meetups in order to learn and share with others.

Let me backtrack a bit…

I have been using meetup for many things. I have started to use it for getting my confidence back, meeting other like-minded people and learning a few new things. Which brings me to my current meetup with TucsonHerbStore.com . I had used the new app I got to be invited with through girlgoneabroad using the Bublup app.

The actual meetup’s that I have been going to have helped me in many ways. For instance, I have gone to a 30’s and 40’s social meetup. An entrepeneur meetup for a while. Which by the way, has helped me in getting ideas about my blog here and using social media. More on that in another post.

Last meetup

The last meetup I attended was at The Tucson Herb Store. At first I was a bit skeptical. It is not something I normally do, but wanted to go because of a different path that I follow. I am glad that I went. To try a new concept and have something that is normally not used.

A great local herb store.

The meetup was about trying a single herb and finding out about it and what it can do for you and also a more spiritual aspect of it. Mind you the religious path that I follow accepts this, I feel a bit awkward about it still. Why I wanted to go to the meetup.

Have you ever felt that even though you felt awkward about something you are glad that you experienced it? I sure did. It’s called growth. Getting out of your comfort zone and growing in many ways. One of the reasons why I love attending meetups. This one proved that by experience and learning about something that you enjoy and are interested in you will grow.

Burdock root

This meetup was learning about the Burdock Root or plant. It made for a nice brown tea that, to me, reminded me about being in a fresh turned peanut field. When they ready the peanuts in the fields to dry out a bit before they harvest them. This is the smell I got, felt better and calmer after drinking a couple of cups of it.

By Christian Fischer, <a href="https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0" title="Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0">CC BY-SA 3.0</a>, <a href="https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4470042">Link</a>
Burdock plant

I did manage to learn quite a bit from the other people attending the meetup. Everyone had a different experience on the taste, smell and memories that brought forth from within. I was the only male in attendance, but do respect that women have a better sense of taste. Something which I took note on. I learned and gained an insight about a plant I dealt with on a farm I grew up on in Michigan. Here is a link to a wikipage about the plant. Burdock Root also know as Gobo in some oriental restaurants and tea houses.

The Bigger Picture

What I am finding out about the app is that it has its uses for many different things that can help you out while abroad. It is a good way to learn about a culture and also grow as well. I have begun to look for meetups in other countries and elsewhere in the US. This is a good way to learn about what is being thought of in other countries.

You have to imagine that you are thinking of using the app with other things and being able to learn more about what is going on in thoughts, culturally and also a business mindset. While in the US there are many varied things based on lifestyle, business and general knowledge type of things. What is best is to get involved with what you wish to know or do at the time.

Edible root and makes a great tea.

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