Back at it…

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Ever been away from something for a while, you find out what you thought was an idea that might have given you doubts. Now is something that you might be back at it once again.

I have come to realize while I am working on this blog I have other projects going as well. I am doing this blog to show my travels, what I have learned and be able to show others about what I have done. If it gives someone that ablility to go out and do their own adventure. That’s great!

We all need to find that spark that made us go back at it when we were either younger or a time when things were good and fun. I wish to give someone the chance to relive a moment in their lives where the sense of adventure was fun. To experience it once again.

The reason why I started this blog. To get prepared for and adventure. I don’t know how it will end. Nor do I know if things will work out. Sometimes you just have to let go. I am talking about the freedom you get when you do something that is not normally done.

Powerful Statement isn’t it?

You know that feeling. The adrenaline builds up inside you knowing that you are doing something against what you have been told and trained to not do. Yet, curiosity overcomes such inhibitions. Do you want to break free? To go Back at it? I may be on a midlife type of crisis, but with a different outcome. I am becoming more awoken to what is really what I want and need.

“Freedom cannot be bestowed — it must be achieved.”

Elbert Hubbard (American writer, publisher and artist)

You have a choice

I love to write and starting to plan trips elsewhere. I may even be better off than I have been in a while. Mostly from being able to do things that others only wish to do. I made a choice. You do too. Want to learn to cook? Visit a winery and speak with the vinters? Maybe visit a place you always wanted to see other than in a magazine? Open your smartphone and look up a local place or find a Meetup or Eatwith date. The point is to get out. Get back at it again!

With any choice, you are faced with another. The choices can become more harder each time or even easier. Learn to go with your choice. I read an interesting tweet from someone who just went with it. Someone mentioned about going somewhere while abroad, and had a great time. All because she made the choice to do something different and went with it. Now she has a story to tell.

If things went accordingly to plan you wouldn’t remember it.

Chris Jaynes-Merry Bacchus

I wanted to start this blog not because I wanted to travel and start a business of teaching others how to gain followers and use affiliate links. To share what I do, even while trying to build upon the frequent flier miles and such! With other entrepreneur ideas going to offset my blog and travel. I’m here to sell you anything, but the notion of what it is like to be free to choose what you wish to do in life. I love to cook, travel and have a good time. I am making new friends, finding place to go visit, and even thinking of moving to another place for a while! Why? Because I can, and it’s my choice. I want to experience life in another place. To see what a culture is other than my own from birth.

Will I be nervous and scared to visit? Maybe, but honestly, I don’t care. This is why you travel. Not only to see places in person but to experience all of it. You can never get that from a book, magazine or even from an app. Don’t be fooled by having someone tell you that you shouldn’t go because it isn’t safe. How do they know? That you are just throwing your money away. Are you really if you’re getting something that they can’t take away from you?

In Conclusion…

Back at it, once again. I have found my reason to live once again. It might be a bit late, but once I became divorced after being emotionally beaten down. I am ready to get back at it and live again. This time I am bringing people with me along the way. If you follow me or happen to run into me, ask me if I am doing a dinner or visiting a winery, brewery or some other culturally-minded event. Chances are, I’ll invite you and let us go have an adventure and get Back at it!

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  1. Great post! We are so lucky that we live in a time that allows us to go whenever we want. We can buy a plane ticket and be on the other side of the world in just a few hours. So everyone who can afford it and wants to travel and experience new places should do it! Should get back at it!

    1. Exactly! It is something I have been dealing with for a few years, and now planning my first big trip later this year! Because I’m back at it, to go travel! Thanks for the comment and support!

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