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Ever felt like you can’t get anything done or had no motivation? How about having an idea, you forget to write it down and lost it. Only to have it come back again when you least expect it? Me neither, it happens all the time!

I have been toying with a few ideas lately. Some are related to what this site is about, but on a bigger scale. I am not only building a brand and sharing my adventures. I am building something other than this brand on the outside.

Let me explain…

Let me tell you about how I came back and started fresh. I started making investments during the ’80s. I was only 17. I had to have my father put the money into mutual funds for me. He wouldn’t do it when I was 16. I had bought a Charles Givens book and read most of it. Trust me it was bigger than the giant dictionary at school!

Once I turned 18, I started to make investing more and more. I was hooked. I had found out how to make money in other forms, while still working a full time job and going to school. This would explain about my entrepreneur spirit. I believe that my father didn’t like that. I needed to pay for a car, skateboards, and taking out my friends and girlfriend, and just enjoying life in the South!

Fast forward a bit. I restarted investing while working for the largest cable company and investing in the company 401k. I ended up averaging about 10% return of investment on it. Since we could make changes to the amounts and what was being invested in. I kept reading on occasion the other financial magazines and investing.

Now things get better…

So now that I am working in a pizza place for now, I have been investing once again. Looking to travel outside of the US, to invest in other countries with real estate, stocks, bonds, etc. I may even start a brewery or restaurant of some kind. If I do, I will definitely post about it. Mexico beaches look good around the Yucatan and Q. Roo states!

The entrepreneur spirit is now alive within me. I have been toying with this idea and the many others floating around my head. I wish to travel, not use this blog to showcase how to start a travel blog, or to have all these posts about marketing and such. I want to write about food, wine, beer, people I share a plate of food with. My passive income will come from other things. Not strictly from this blog.

Now don’t get me wrong. I do hope that some of my affiliate links and ads help pay for the upkeep and the hosting. If I make any extra, from it. I will use that to host a dinner through the EatWith app and may invite some of my followers out to dinner if we are in the same country. Who wouldn’t want a nice home cooked meal while traveling around the world! It won’t even cost you but a nice shirt and a bottle of wine! Bring a good conversation and a thirst for a good drink!

If not now When?

If not now? When?

I ask myself this all the time. Yet, I am already working on it. I have a few things to take care of while in the US for now. To have a goal in place is great. Something that I wanted to do. Investing is only a part of it. I did read the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book. Some of it was already a thought in my head. The book has fired up my blog, and other side hustles.To travel with knowledge and resources. If you look at my Instagram feed, you will notice that by who I follow. So it is no longer not now. It’s more of when can I go?

The New workforce is now remote and freelancing.


I do have thoughts about finding a place in Mexico or even in Europe somewhere. This all depends on where do I wish to have my 2nd passport! There is more to life than just doing things like it always has been since the start of the education system. You have to think outside of the box. Probably why most travel bloggers are using affiliate links, ads, and paid marketing help in order to travel. The new workforce is now remote and freelancing. Something I couldn’t do while I was in a relationship. I now feel free.

So now what?

The all important question. I have learned about investing at an early age. Had ideas and a job, that wasn’t fulfilling my needs. Emotionally and financially. I now have more knowledge to make money. Build wealth, and live an exciting life, with new found friends, sharing a plate of food. Life is meant to live it. Not work your whole life and follow something that don’t really prepare you to keep your money, or increase it or just live life.

Now I spend my time, visiting places locally related to my blog, Instagram my cooking dishes. Some are simple dishes to help you try your own. While my Twitter feed I can interact with other fellow bloggers and offer support. Not to mention that I can also work on my other 2 sites as well.

So now there is now longer a what, but where to?

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