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1912 Brewing Company

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To go visit a brewery on Groundhogs day is different. I could have gone out and gotten that cigar and sat at home trolling social media to grow the brand and the name. Instead, I decided to visit a brewery that I had the opportunity to meet at a hockey and brew night a year ago.

To start with, since I don’t usually drive and wanted to be able to visit a place if it’s close enough for a bus ride. I am prepping for visits to Europe where having a car isn’t the norm like it is in the US. My motive was about the beer !

The Brewery

The view from the front door of 1912 Brewery

I will say, that most of the breweries here in Tucson are usally about the beer. Some will have food or at least a food truck. Which it was early in the day where I wasn’t looking for that.

The entrance to the brewery is a nice location close to a ///local distillery///. Once inside, you will notice the copper tones in the bar. That is the most focal point for me. Something I noticed right away. Your eyes will wander toward the back further to where the tanks are housed. You can’t begin to imagine to what the place smells like during a brew day.

From L to R: Weiz the Hell Not Wheat, Thai One On Cream Ale, Mescalero American Stout, Naughty Naranja sour gose

Their beers from a flight

The first thing you will noticed about the beer menu is there is a lot of sour beers. Now I am not a sour beer fan. Yet after visiting there and ordering a flight of 4. I was impressed. The selection I chose was something I have been wanting as of late.

Weiz the Hell Not– Hefeweizen. This beer is light and with a nice finish. I loved the overall taste and aroma of this beer. I am slowly wanting more Hefe’s. Look at my Untapped profile, you can see a few of my other wheat beers.

Thai One On -Cream Ale. This is not for the faint of heart. I will say that from the first sip, it’s a nice cream ale. Worthy of others out there. Then the heat kicks in! Hello, it does say Thai in it, meaning Thai chili peppers. So there is some heat to it. I will say, being a cook. You could make one hell of a salad dressing or something with it.

Mescalero -American Stout. Whoa there amigo! This is a stout that doesn’t disappoint. I must say from the few other stouts that I have been tasting, this one is a worthy daily drinker. I can’t get enough of this one. Nice balanced flavor, a hint of chocolate flavor that isn’t like some other stouts can be.

Naughty Naranja -Sour Gose. This is a blood orange gose with a nice citrus tartness and a hint of sea salt. The color doesn’t show the blood orange color to it, yet if you ever have eaten a blood orange. There is no mistaken the taste of one. Sweet and tartness that is hard to explain. This beer does not disappoint for being a sour. One of the few sours I have tried since it’s a relatively new style. A favorite for sure for me. One I will seek out it available.

The extra beer, worth waiting for

Ta Loco Sour Project #3 – Sour Fruited. Simply in love with this beer. I was unable to have it added to my flight originally due to fruit in the line. I swapped it with the Naranja instead. Once I was able to get a 6oz pour of this one. I was loving the and the taste. It’s not very often you get a brewery to actually make a cranberry beer. Seriously, why are they not doing this more often?? I cannot imagine a better taste profile and something to have overkill next Thanksgiving.

Ta Loco Sour Project #3

What we learned

So by visiting this brewery located on Forbes Blvd. Near the I-10 freeway and Grant Rd. You will be presented a nice, shiny copper bar and by looking left, you will see an upright piano and full of board games to play while you have a nice beer.

Plenty of sour beers to try. It is a brewery that does major in sour beers. I must say that you will not be disappointed. Not many breweries are willing to have this many sours. You will not be disappointed. If you are willing to keep coming back, go and sign up for the copper mug program. Where you will always have a mug, and a discount on beers. Check them out at their website: 1912 Brewing Co

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