Trends and not following

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Have you ever noticed the many different news channels are talking about trends. There are diet trends, travel trends, and even education trends. Most of this is because of the current state of the working economy and how things are going today. It’s a trending world these days and it seems many are trying to do a trend from all the resolutions that is being given up.

Let’s be honest, do you really want to keep working all your life and not really enjoy what you actually are working for? I feel real bad for all the government workers that are furloughed. For me, it is a job, and something I would just find something else to make money from or even another job. Especially with the current trend of being an entrepreneur or making some sort of side hustle these days.

Things you notice

Some of the things that I have noticed, are people in the US are fed up with the current working environment. Look at the government shutdown, all those people out of work or being forced to work without pay. Retiree’s now living abroad and doing supplemental work instead of relying on their retirement. Even the younger generation are working more for themselves than for others. Look up workplace ghosting if your curious.

Most of the other things I have noticed since starting this blog. There are a lot of travelers with blogs about travelling. While most are similar in nature, no real front runners that stand out. Then again, it’s hard when you are busy enjoying life instead of constantly checking your stats, feed and such! Constantly asking for a follow without actually reading their posts and such is not a good way to go.

Other things I have noticed, since trends and the crazy egg following, is growing a following organically. Why would you want to pay someone to have people to follow you? If you have good content and write naturally, they will come. For me I am still trying to find my voice. One thing I have noticed. Besides lacking motivation some days.

My current trend

My current trend is that I am working on making more passive income. Most of it is from investing, stock photography, and also working a part time job. Yes, the obvious is my blog, affiliate ads are going ok, getting some traffic. I am not trying to make serious money like every other blogger out there. Yes, the ads are here, just to offset my costs. I do plan on restarting a dropshipping store, or even open a business outside the US.

The gist of it all is, that I am paying myself first. Cutting liabilities and adding assets instead. I know, I read THAT book, but it’s something I was trying to do when I was 18 back in the….. Nevermind that. We can talk about that if you find me and we can have a drink over a small plate of food! I am doing this somewhat to feed my addiction for investing and to be able to travel. Not to mention that I wish to visit other places than read or view them on social media posts and television.

Bucking the norm

By far having trends to look at and what seems to drive the current talk about work, life and the ever popular talk of resolution breaking or attempts. I stopped trying to do resolutions. Now it’s trends. I have done enough marketing projects over the years to know how a trend comes and goes. Most are done organically. While others are fed out by the social media sites. Sometimes even by a bot of some kind.

What I suggest is forget all that. Blaze your own path. Why? Because if you’re a sheep then you have nothing to really offer and eventually fizzle out. This is why you buck the norm. In this case, it’s the current trend. Lately, you have plenty of travel blogs only looking for likes and clicks through other social media means. Not to say they don’t have good content. It’s how they are trying to achieve instant gratification. Which is a long duration trend. Something that has happened since the onset of social media, extended symbiotic tethering of our smartphones to our hands. Why the current trend seems to be a dry January and the detox of smartphone/electronics or even social media.

This begs the question about how millenials are approaching the constant instant gratification of social media and electronics. Since they started this trend years ago when they were 9, and now are young adults. That it’s changing. Maybe for the better, but they are causing a new, and destructive trend using Instagram. It’s more of the Instagram effect.

It goes without saying. You can follow or lead, but what ever you do. Do it with passion, love and of course with a positive attitude!

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