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Seeking input

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I wanted to see about adding a few other features to this blog. However, I am not sure what to add, just yet. I am thinking of soliciting input from any readers and how I best can add additional content that isn’t like other blogs out there. Most importantly, the idea is bringing together wine, beer and spirits with food. Not just in the US since many other are doing this very thing. Bringing them all together with other parts of the world. Something you never really see from the normal guidebooks and most other travel bloggers, writers seem to miss. I have mentioned this in a previous post .

Let’s Gather ideas

The idea is, being thought of is to start using YouTube. It will, and has been a thought of using this format for adding additional information about posts. In consequence for some cooking experiences encountered with new friends I meet using the EatWith app or just met at the local market. Some of the other things I have already started using is adding Pinterest to the blog for all kinds of travel ideas. This is in relation, to what I am currently doing. In addition, how I can best move around and still make some form of money in order to pay for travel, food and rentals.

I know that you have probably seen other posts about such things on the internet and maybe emails from other blogs dealing with travel. This is what is currently happening to the US work force these days. Younger adults are using this with absolute efficiency, many other older, now retired adults are using this new form of work to supplement their income and moving elsewhere. For instance, this move is usually for health, financially and want to experience the world than by, just sitting in a room watching tv. They are going out an living it!

What does this mean?

Therefore, adding other things that I can add to the site, while providing better and more engaging content for the viewers and fans. I am seeing how this can be better off for all involved. This includes how I can add videos about my travels, cooking classes and even content about the plates created with the wine, beer, and cocktail I have brought to a party.

I value and welcome your input. I am wanting to ensure that I value my readers input, possible places to visit and if you have suggestions about pairings. Wine, beer pairing would be nice. If you have a dish that may work, send it. I may do in interpretation of it and post it on the Instagram feed and give you the credit for recipe!

Creating content in which to give my readers something they want to see, know and learn about the world. Get this map as a printable PDF for your travels here. (credit to for the map)

Criteria for content

This is what I am mostly looking for pertaining to content. Here is a loose type of list:

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