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Do you ever wonder what it’s like to visit a place you never been to? Do you like feeling that sense of wonder and awe? Do you really? It feels good, that you are alive. A good feeling that is awakened in you.eti

By far we have become a non risk taking society. Too comfortable to just sit and become complacent on a couch. Even looking at a phone for that self gratifying instant message. Why not just go there and talk to them? What are you afraid of? You cant grow if your not willing to take a leap of faith. Trust in your instincts. Human presence is best when in front of another. Think about that. How do you know anything about someone other than swiping?

The whole point in going out to see the world is to live it. Take that part time job and go travel. Find something you can do part time or remotely for work. Go live a little. Do not be afraid. Fear is something that can hold us back or push us forward. Think of it this way. Face Everything And Rise.

Do you have a goal list? Or milestones? Click image for tips

I, myself have become more of a risk taker than usual lately. Why? Because I am more fearful of missing something that is going on elsewhere than where I am at. I wish to say that I was there and tried the food, experienced the local daily routines. To meet great people, that you can’t get sitting on a couch or through an app. Go out and experience life. Not view it. Even if its once a month. Travel. Experience this world. Create memories that will last a life time. Have awesome stories to tell your grand kids. Why not take your grand kids or kids with you? It would make it more enjoyable. To share it with someone than by yourself.

What are you waiting for?

If you ever wanted to go travel and haven’t done it, what are you waiting for? The risk is high, but so is walking down the street, driving your car. I am talking about taking a few calculated and educated risks. It’s by far cheaper to fly once outside of the United States, because of how inflation works. Taking that first step is what’s the hardest.

Just look at all of the options out there in order to travel these days. There are plenty of websites, blogs and even simple online pamphlets in which to find great travel deals. Not to mention all of the various discount travel sites. Trust your instinct. Do a valid search, or sign up for NextVacay and get deals in your inbox weekly!

Remote income

If you want a bit more push, to get on a plane or boat to travel. Think of this, with the current economic outlook, it’s almost easier to work remotely these days. There is photography, copy writing, transcription work, blogging with affiliate links, etc. The list keeps going on. One of the biggest for younger adults is to teach English as a Second Language. Many countries will pay for flights, room and board and a salary to teach for several months.

I read on a few other blogs, that you can get many remote jobs that can be done part time, with a full time type of income. Just think, you are actually making more and getting more for your money by not being in the US! Think about that for a minute. If you look for flights or travel arrangements outside of the US dollar, you will find that it is by far cheaper. This doesn’t mean the cost of living is different. Their value and viewpoint of money is way different than ours.

Other ways to search

You will find that a few travel apps for smartphones, will have it in a different currency. For example, this post here Holiday Traveling is a quick read for apps to use. I have listed a few apps to get you started. Read up on a few travel blogs to see what everyone else is using.

Helping you find a better price, in case you just need to get a one way ticket with an onward pass and then purchase the ticket later in order to fly back home.

Hello Life

I enjoy thinking that by having a plan in which to travel, you are giving yourself a good experience and also memories in which you will treasure for a lifetime! Get out there and say Hello Life, I’m ready to meet you head on! Do not worry about having to have some sort of structure or itinerary. Go with the flow! Live spontaneously, you just might have a better trip than you thought and may gain a few friends along the way!

Let’s Hear your thoughts

I would like to hear your thoughts about what you have done to make changes in you life in which to do something different. Look we all go through a period of our lives in which we had enough. Sometimes it’s more than a one time thing. I would love to hear how you pushed through it. Unless, of course, if your still working on it. Tell me how your process is going and is it working. Drop me a message at Contact Us . Looking forward to hearing from you!

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