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This is the time of year where everyone starts planning on leaving to visit other relatives.  This could mean around the the US and even to Europe or elsewhere. Here in the Southwest, there is plenty of families that come up in order to purchase Christmas gifts. Some also have family south of the border and go there to visit. There are many ways in which the bond of family is strong no matter where you may be. 

The biggest thing to handle and go through is to find ways to travel and get to your destination. By having a plan and a few tools to find flights, hotels and car rental agencies is vital in order to help with such logistics. Like who wants to actually find a flight, or a hotel with the next few days when you can be doing other things. I have found through other blogs that I follow and read constantly, is a few tools that will aid in finding a way through the mire of an actual flight and hotel if you need it. Unless your traveling by RV or wanting to sleep in your car! Front seat sleeping is the best! 

Here is a few blogs that I follow and give them a hello and check them out. It is worth a read to learn a few tips to help in your next travel trip. While you may not use all of them. I suggest you take the time to do a bit of research if your traveling abroad. Once you take the time to look over your trip plans a few times. It will become a lot easier and faster.

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Blogs I follow

Here are a few blogs that I follow and have been reading for quite some time. Go and look them up and read a few posts.

Nomadic Matt -This site is full of useful tips and insights about traveling on your own or with others. I have learned and used some of the tools Matt has used in order to plan my own adventures. I suggest you give him a follow or read some of his posts. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Matador Network – I like the style of this site, since I have been following this one on my own personal Instagram. I soon came across the various videos, posts and travel ideas and adventures to go on through this site. A worthy follow to see things you normally wouldn’t see on other travel sites or pages.

Expert Vagabond – I happened to follow this particular blog after reading about gaining Irish Citizenship through a search. I started to read a few other posts while I was distracted on the ease of the writing and pictures.

Never Ending Footsteps -I stumbled upon this site while looking for a way to start a travel blog. I found that by reading her post and how easy to literally get started blogging. Even reading a few of the others above, I found this one to kickstart my idea to plunge right in. I have to credit the creative writing and good post about starting a simple travel blog to be a great resource.

Traveling Tools

The list of tools that I have used. Find them in a play or app store to help you plan you next trip!

Skyscanner – This website is great for keeping an alert about any flights or hotels. A great app to have if your looking for that next flight.

Hopper – A great site in which to find flights and hotels and will even predict if the price will go up or down. A good app to have on hand.

Cheapoair – While this site works well for finding that flight for far less than you could elsewhere.

Have a look at these few to help along with the blogs that I follow and you will have no problems in getting that great deal on a flight and hotel!

Thoughts in summary

While going over the many sites, blogs, and random thoughts from other quick read sources on social media. I have found that you just have to trust your instinct. If you can’t trust that, you will never take that first step. You can be assured that even though your initial instinct may be off or wrong, you will have a story to tell and a mistake in which to learn from and grow. Take a look at my first post about starting out! Getting Prepared

The whole idea is to travel right? You want to have a good experience in which to learn about traveling. You want that awesome photo to hang on your wall to be the envy of your friends. By simply going out of your comfort zone and meeting with new and interesting people, you gain new friends, an amazing trip. We are social animals, why not be social in another country and grow!

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