Year End Holiday Fun

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Hello everyone, I hope that everyone is awake from the food coma of Thanksgiving. If your from the States that is. Its that time of year where the busiest travel day of the year started. Now the real fun begins. I mean with Christmas coming up, you have no idea what’s going to happen.  Especially from one year to the next. 

green dumpster fire

So with 2018 ending in many ways with a dumpster fire for those here in the US.  Things will get better for the future. You have to know what you really want. Start to think more outside of the box. Well, at least the dumpster fire of a year if your an investor.  Do not worry. Learn from this year in how you can learn from your mistakes. The goal is to have more money for the holidays and possible to even travel! Stay tuned to a more in-depth post. 

If not now, When?

Small Steps

The real thing to remember is this, Only you have the ability to make that change in your life. Do not show fear that your willing to take things lying down or on your small screen. I may be a new blog and just starting out, but times are changing. People still want to read something. Have to make the posts lively and interesting. 

Remain positive

To see what else is out there during the last part of the holiday season is something that you just can’t ignore. There are many things going on in this world that you just need to see for yourself. 

Have you ever wondered that you need to make more money in order to buy Christmas gifts, to pay off that house, car or even  that credit card. There are better ways in which to have that extra money. Here is a small list that I have been doing for a few years to help offset new stuff coming in while having new gifts. 

Useful Things :

  • Donate used clothing – what better way to give to others while cleaning your closet and drawers 
  • Offer to run a few errands – Doing a few errands for a neighbor that have similar errands will benefit both and provide great camaraderie. 
  • Use online self selling apps – Using apps like Letgo , Offerup are a great way to communicate way quicker when you have something to sell. 
  • Freecycle – While this is a long running Yahoo group, it’s power to be a local hit is great for finding and giving of items. 
  • Word of Mouth – One of the best ways to give away any items you may have. You can post it at work, tell friends and family. 

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