Holidays are upon us

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So its that time of year in the US when it’s getting cold and school is getting out for Thanksgiving. Meaning colleges and lower grade schools have time off to be with loved ones and families. 

I love this time of year. Having worked in the restaurant industry for many years, I enjoyed it. With having a family that changes a little. You begin to wonder how to plan the Thanksgiving meal and who to invite and such. Honestly I love to cook. I look forward to having family over and to be able to cook for them. I can show off my skills and be able to visit with family about their lives. Social media sometimes has no real pull when you can visit personally. It’s that connection that no smart phone or app can give. 

Friends, Family and the Menu

Peanuts- Thanksgiving around large table

Nothing says the holidays like a good family gathering. If you add a few eclectic friends and you have a story to remember for a very long time! 

Even having friends around is a great way to include those close to you and build upon friendships. 

This also gives new ideas to the menu in which to change up traditional menu. 

As with family, friends and how the menu is created. Imagine you having a way to look at how the menu might look to others. You begin to see how different everyone does a holiday menu. Besides the traditional turkey, sweet potatoes,  cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and stuffing. Each can have their own variations. Have you gotten your own idea of what to make for each dish? I like to make a corn casserole that I was given a recipe and every time I do make it for Thanksgiving or any special occasion, it don’t last long! The ingredients are easy to get and its a thifty side dish that can be a hit at the table! 

Advanced menu

As with any gathering of family and friends. You will notice that different cultures will include their tastes and a part of their culture into this holiday. For instance, Indians may add something with curry, rice or vegetables into a side dish. Asians may add anything from seafood, tofu, or stir fry vegetables. Even both ethnic groups may include variations of rice instead of the traditional mashed potatoes. 

Other items that you may come across, that you normally wont see on a traditional menu may include: Brussel sprouts, sweet tamales, butternut squash, fish, ham and even different sauces. This is due to Thanksgiving is an American holiday and those who live here tend to make it their own. 

Holiday traditions

I welcome anyone’s comment in which to offer their own traditions on the holidays. This could mean for Thanksgiving and even Christmas. While most countries do know about Thanksgiving. Christmas does have it’s own place in the world and when it’s celebrated. You can find the comments page below. 

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