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Ok, those in the Old Pueblo, or as most of us locals like to call it. The Dirty T , which has its own Twitter handle! We are gritty, have a love of food, fun and a few rounds of golf before it hits 100°! Throw in a few cigars and we have a Tucson style party! Not to mention the beer, wine and the history!

Gourds background with UNESCO

edible Baja Arizona article

a good read for learning some history about Tucson and how it became a UNESCO city. 

The first thought everyone is going to find out is that there are a lot of taco stands and Sonoran hot dog vendors. What you don’t realize when you visit, the taste is awesome! You will find many different variations of flavors. From Oaxaca, Jalisco, even from the Old Pueblo, Mexico City. 

There is more than food here

The biggest part of what made Tucson a UNESCO city is the heritage and culture. This made the city what it is. The occasional snowbird migration also brings that flavor here as well. Snowbirds is a term for those who move away from snow and the cold in winter from areas of the United States. 

This culture and flavor mixed in with current culture here makes for some great fusion of food! Take the Sonoran hot dog. Most don’t know about it, the fame is gaining ground. A hot dog wrapped in bacon, put in a borillo roll cut open for the hot dog, beans, onions, guacamole sauce, and some times salsa or cheese sauce. Variations are a plenty. 

You want to find out for yourself? Two good places is down South 12th ave. in South Tucson. There is BK Tacos a nice place in which to sample some tacos as well as the Food Wars winner of the Sonoran hot dog. Here is the link to the video Food Wars Video.  

 Across the street sits one of the originals. El Güero Canelo. Here is a James Beard Foundations Award for Americas Classics. This is not an easy task for a place that is known for many different flavors and great restaurants. You can even take a look at the original sonoran hot dog cart in the parking lot. You are sure to have authentic food. There is even a bakery in Magdalena, Mexico. This is to ensure the quality of the buns were of good quality.

Try a sonoran hot dog challenge yourself

With both in participation in a food war challenge. You can take the challenge for yourself. You will not be disappointed. Have an authentic Coke in a glass bottle made with cane sugar. Don’t forget to leave the bottle! If your still wanting something more, there are the fresca’s to try. They are made with fresh fruit, spices and flowers for a nice treat for the hot summers here in the desert. These are only a few places to have a sonoran hot dog and taco. 

I forgot to mention the TACOS!!

Yes there is a lot of taco trucks and places in which to get a nice taco. In Tucson its always taco Tuesday. Where else can you get a few, plate, or even a tray of tacos to eat and take home with you. The main ingredients range from: pork, chicken, beef, shrimp and even fish! You can’t go wrong with finding something to try to find something new to tickle those taste buds. Not to mention that you even can find a great craft beer as well to go with those tacos. 

8 Awesome Sonoran Hot Dogs in Tucson. Article Link here


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Unesco City Tucson

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