Warming up to beer

For most of us in the west we are going into the winter months. While that isn’t bad unless it’s already snowing. The mind starts thinking about a warm beach or at the very least warm climates.

While any form of hard alcohol comes to mind to warm you up on the insides. Beer and wine can just as well warm you up. Mulled wine, mead are good slightly warmed. Higher alcohol content (ABV%) beers can have the same effect. Good examples are stouts, IPA’s, and DIPA’s are good examples. While warm beer isn’t common in the US. Other parts of the world, room temps are the norm.

I am sure many have had those nights where you find a almost full bottle of beer sitting out and your just grab it and drink it, not realizing it may be warm! Don’t worry about it, grab a cold one from the fridge and cook with the warm one! Let’s not waste beer!

I would love to hear about what others have to say about warm beer or about beers from other parts of the world. Comment below. I’ll have a few other posts pertaining the old Pueblo soon. Just getting a few posts out and building a few fans for now.

Enjoy the day and Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

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