Welcome Friends

Welcome friends to The Merry Bacchus!

I wish to introduce myself to everyone.  I guess you happen to stumble upon the site through my other social channels.  I am a lover of a good beer or a glass of wine and food to go with it.  Not to mention to have friends,  whether new or old, together to share time together.  No sense spending all the time working if you can’t spend time with each other!

I like to have a good time with friends and to share a meal with them while traveling this beautiful world.

I plan on sharing my adventures and also to provide places to visit if you decide to follow my past trips or maybe venture on your own.  I only wish to provide a glimpse into what this world has to offer.  What the media says is not always true.  I like to keep an open mind about traveling and people I meet.  This only adds to the uniqueness of the places I visit.

By all means go travel.  Explore this world.  You only have one life, shouldn’t you go have fun and enjoy it, than just work and wish you were exploring? Enjoy it and Eat, Drink and Be Merry!


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