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Who and What is Bacchus…

I started this blog several years ago with a vision in mind about travel and food. The idea was to start with a chance to share a plate of homemade food and share it with newfound friends. With Covid19, this made things a little difficult but still going on with a new rebranding and new vision.

I have helped with many projects, including many just for a chance at some experience. A lot of what I do is help new bloggers or business owners get started with a website, content, and other related marketing-type tasks. Always on the lookout for ways to make a process easier and also learn along the way.

If you want to get in touch with me about help for a project or just need to reach out. I offer free consultation, I know you are on a tight budget. Most of the time I give out free help. I rather see the excitement of moving past a roadblock than just overanalyzing it. 

Always looking for new ways to help out fellow new entrepreneurs out there get started and keep moving forward!

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Chris Jaynes


picture of Bacchus
Me camping out and finally having a beer!

My talents can be limited to what limits are placed upon me. This is not to say that I am perfect. That I am not, or will not chase perfection. I love to enjoy life while being able to offer more support, troubleshooting, writing, and sharing a recipe or two. Looking for adventure and a challenge, what and or how can I help you with your problem or roadblock?  Did I mention that I know a lot of useless trivia? Feel free to ask questions and see how I can help you.

I love to help others and offer to be your cheerleader when you need that free marketing plug. Give me a shoutout. Love yelling about someone who’s ready to get noticed!

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                                         “Serious about writing and a fabulous sense of humor”

The old pueblo

A gritty town I call Homebase

I hail from Tucson, Arizona. A big border town with a dirty or gritty small-town feel. While the winter brings in students and snowbirds. It’s a small-town feel that is what keeps many here. Oh yes, the sunsets and Western heritage don’t disappoint!

Since I run this as a one-person blog, portfolio, or oversharing of recipes. I will definitely give you plenty of places here in Tucson to grab an awesome meal or time to spend with others and have a good time. I also travel outside of Pima County, but mostly fill my social media feed with nature pics for the Stock photos platform.

I wouldn’t want you to get bored, at least have fun while you are at it!

landscape view of The Loft Cinema

Hoodie from Outdoor Collection
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